Coins for change, does having them guarantee sales in your business?

Coins for change, does having them guarantee sales in your business?

Betting on practical resources in the day-to-day economy of a businesshow to have coins for changemotivates sales in a local and helps stimulate cash flow, where strategies are defined that small businesses have to develop more and moreto guarantee the permanence of its stores, in the midst of increasingly complex situations such as a weak economy, the attention of the consumer distracted by the great offer of stores and products at hand, as well as a better culture of business administration, because to the extent that it is strengthened or weakened, results are generated.


Currencies for exchange are so important that even in Google Trends they star in an important search trend and in social networks, entrepreneurs who use this medium to motivate business, recognize its importance.

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As an editor specializing in business sources, I have had the opportunity to be part of small business ventures, where I have verified the importance of having coins for change in the flow of change, to welcome every consumer who comes to these places to get a product regardless of the denomination of your cash or to make change, as long as you make consumption in the commercial premises where you go.

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To guarantee coins for change in a business there are simple tips that can be followed. One of the most popular is to go to points of sale where the use of coins for payment is common, such as older adults who pack in a supermarket or delivery men or gasoline dispensers, who have a significant volume of coins.

Another very important way to get coins is to go early for coins to exchange at a bank branch, where it is common for them to have a significant volume of coins, with which they can supply your base exchange box, which you need to accept the day payments.

The importance of coins for change is such that there are even testimonials on networks where it is noted that having coins has even helped to end bad customers, as he told it. hello i’m ciri in her e-TikTok account, where she mentions that a consumer always went to the Oxxo store that she worked as a cashier first thing in the day, to exchange a 500-peso bill for buying a donut that she bit to avoid returning it and forcing the cashiers to charge you This situation continued until she managed to get 500 pesos in 50-cent coins to give her bill change, which finally dissuaded her from practicing.

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The cash flow in a commercial premises requires a series of practices, which guarantee its operation and consequently sales for a business, otherwise an accurate culture of small business administration and sales expectations, as well as of life of these businesses are reduced.

The phenomenon is not exclusive to Mexico, it also occurs in large markets such as the United States, with NFIB figures that prove it and most importantly, that reveal the weight that common sense has in the administration of a business of this type.

Inside of the study that the firm shared, it found that lack of sales was one of the 8 problems they faced as small businesses.

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