codes to get free items in the game

codes to get free items in the game

Good news has arrived for all the players and curious of Dislyteas several currently active codes have arrived to get a lot of articles and free resources, so pay attention, because we will also teach you how to redeem them so you can enjoy Dislyte with a juicy extra benefit.

That’s right, the new game for pc, Android Y iOSin which players assemble teams of Esperspeople imbued with the power of the gods, along with a great soundtrack and excellent character designs; Dislyte is already amassing a sizable fanbase online, and despite only being available for about a week, this mobile game has a flashy style, various game modes, and options that will keep gamers engaged for hours, even if they don’t want to spend money on premium goods or coins.

You see, as a gift from the developers of Dislytethey have shared with us a series of codes so that players are encouraged to give the game a try, and if you are already an active player, you can still get this series of gifts and free codesin addition, they have also shared others with content creators in Youtubeso if you like, you can also search for more within some videos, where they will give you: Golden Records, Starimons (which are used to upgrade Espers), XP Boosters, Nexus Crystals and other products premium.

Now the codes in Dislyte Here’s how they work: Players tap their profile picture, then tap “Settings.” From there, they touch the “Services” tab and then touch the “Gift code” button to enter their codes, and that’s it, enter one by one and you can enjoy their benefits, all these codes work from the day May 18we share each one as well as what they include:

  • JoinDislyte – 100 Nexus Crystal + 1 Golden Record
  • LingBigYong – 100,000 E-Cash, 50x Nexus Crystals, 5x Divine Wave Option Basic Pack
  • StSkiCrimax – 100,000 E-Cash, 1x XP Booster (8h), 1x Stamina Supply Pack
  • Tgtyoutube – 3-star Starimon, XP, 50 Nexus Crystals, 1x XP Booster (8h)
  • AviveHD – 3 Star Starimon, XP, 50 Nexus Crystals, 100k Gold, 1x XP Booster (8h)
  • JonTronShow – 2x 3-star Abilimon, 100k gold, 50 Nexus Crystals
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