The Oxxo community manager has taken advantage of the publication of a influencer to offer you a promotion of coupons and this action wins the users.

The presence in social networks is of vital importance for brands, since in these they can find infinite possibilities to promote, which they may not even have thought of doing, sometimes with some influencers. In accordance with Statista In its study of the Latin American countries with the most influencers, Mexico is ranked third with 443,030 users who are considered influencers, only below Argentina with 1,133,868 million and Brazil with 9,176,375 influencers who have thousands or millions of followers who they constantly consume your content (even daily).

The presence of these influencers in social networks has provided an opportunity for various brands to choose to carry out influencer marketing strategies, which have proven their effectiveness against marketing strategies. According to the report of Influencer Marketing Hub (The State of Influencer Marketing 2021: Benchmark Report), 90 percent of the marketing agencies, brands and other professionals in the area surveyed, think that carrying out these types of strategies is “an effective form of marketing”, so Any opportunity that can be created with these figures could have efficient results, if they are carried out efficiently.

Despite the fact that some influencer marketing myths mention that carrying out this type of strategy can represent high costs for companies, in reality these can be lower than they imagine, if they manage to take advantage of the opportunities presented in such a way. efficient and creative.

The fact that community managers are present in social networks interacting with users and offering promotions on their brands, opens the possibility of attracting the attention of their followers so that they consume their products, especially if they interact with influencers, an action that has not been let the Oxxo professional pass.

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On this occasion, an influencer has shown interest in consuming “a cold Coca and some Takis Fuego”, an opportunity that the Oxxo community manager has taken advantage of by offering promotional coupons where he leaves some Takis at 10 pesos, making a small strategy of unplanned influencer marketing.

Said promotional action was well received by the influencer @_elan_, in addition to some of his followers on social networks who even benefited from the coupons, showing the effectiveness of the strategy by the Oxxo community manager with a simple action and winning over the networks.

The fact that brands are present on social networks by publishing and interacting with their followers, opens an opportunity to win over consumers, increase their sales and even improve their image in the digital world.

We have previously seen this type of situation where community managers of different brands have seen themselves taking advantage of different situations with users, offering them their products, services or simply interacting with their followers, improving their shopping experiences and raising their image.

An example of this we have with the Netflix community manager, who at the time challenged his followers in exchange for 10 years of service, managing to obtain thousands of interactions on his twitter account, positioning himself in the digital conversation and resulting in thousands of people joined its dynamic that was shared hundreds of times.