Clarity Boost Comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming for Microsoft Edge

Clarity Boost Comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming for Microsoft Edge

A few days ago we told you about the pleasant experience of playing through Xbox Cloud Gaming on an Xbox console. But, the Redmond giant keeps improving the experience and has now unveiled Clarity boost, an improvement that we will see in Xbox Cloud Gaming through Microsoft Edge. We tell you what this new improvement consists of.

Clarity boost, an Edge exclusive Cloud Gaming enhancement

An improvement in image quality will come in the coming months on Xbox Cloud Gaming, also known as xCloud. Clarity boost will be available only in Microsoft Edge and optimize the image quality.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming has partnered with Microsoft Edge to create an enhanced experience with optimizations available exclusively in the Microsoft Edge browser, providing the optimal appearance while playing Xbox games from the cloud”, writes Milena González of Microsoft in the publication of the announcement. “This feature uses a set of client-side scaling enhancements to improve the visual quality of streaming video.”

As already happened with Netflix it seems that this feature seeks to attract users to Microsoft Edge. The Redmond giant doesn’t appear to be offering these options in other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Opera. A reason for people to be encouraged to use Microsoft Edge and a positive reason.

Clarity Boost rollout has already started in Microsoft Edge Canary. To test it we only have to access Xbox Cloud Gaming and within the menu (…) we must enable Clarity Boost to enjoy this new feature.

These types of linkages and not those related to deferred purchases are what show the potential of Microsoft Edge. We hope that the Edge team will focus more on these functions instead of others that have been criticized and that, fortunately, have not reached Spain.

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