When we do work for someone, but to a greater extent when we work in
team, be able to conveying an idea correctly is very important. It does not matter only to transmit it, but to do it in a clear and fast way so as not to waste more time than is strictly necessary. Much more if what we want is to create a web page that everyone can visit, where the user experience (UX) is essential.

When working as a team on a design project, we need the applications to be agile and able to unify several people around the same idea. In addition, they must have a low learning curve Because it is useless to be agile when it comes to reflecting an idea if knowing how it works is going to take too long.

In the world of graphic design and in environments of, for example, creation of webpages, this is of special interest. Imagine entering a website where we do not know how to navigate through the main menu, where the concepts are not clear or the design is not adequate. The safest thing is that we will abandon it soon after.

Among all the tools that help to reflect an idea more concisely,
highlights Claritee, a very easy to use wireframe creation and design application. The most important aspect of Claritee is that it allows collaboration during the development of an idea between all the members of the team, and all in a very visual way. With a gesture as simple as dragging the different elements, you can create, organize, modify or include suggestions within a project so that it takes shape. Its interactive interface and its simplicity of use make it a fundamental tool for the development and organization of ideas in an efficient and collaborative way. A competency framework that is especially important in sectors such as design, business or marketing.

Reduction in the number of changes and costs

Another of the advantages of Claritee is that if we work for a client to whom we must
expose you a project, thanks to its simplicity of use we will avoid having to be doing
modifications constantly, since everything will be clear from the beginning. Own
The company calculates that, thanks to its tool, change requests can be reduced by up to 80%.

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If we consider all this, in the end it reverberates in a cost reduction, since the time spent and manpower is much less.

How Claritee works

To create a project, we will only have to follow four steps: select project type what we want, from among all the options that Claritee offers us; select canvas size (depending on what we want to use it for); invite collaborators (in the case that it is a collaborative project) and finally create the interactive map with our idea. From there, it only remains to customize it until it best reflects our idea.

For the creation of wireframes, Claritee offers a series of functions that it facilitates us in
greatly work. For example, enables real-time collaboration so if we have a team member elsewhere, they can view and add any annotations to our project.

When we create a new project within Claritee, we can include practically any object, design or web component. In addition, in case we need to create a web page, it also offers the possibility of doing it in desktop or mobile format.

The way to start from scratch couldn’t be easier. Through a guide,
we can include the content we want, either in the form of sections and blocks
. As easy as selecting and dropping on our “canvas”.

All this with tools that favor interactivity and that greatly help the
final result is as expected.

Usability and pricing

Claritee is available to everyone, you don’t have to be a professional. Thanks to its simple interface, anyone can quickly become familiar with its tools. Furthermore, it is an application that is used via the web so it is not necessary to have to download anything on our computer.

Regarding prices, Claritee offers a freemium subscription mode. So that anyone can try first-hand before making the payment, it is possible to use the free version which, although it is limited in resources, is enough to give us an idea of ​​its potential.

Once we are clear about it, we can adhere to your pricing plan, quite
economic. For one thing, the basic monthly subscription is just $ 10 a month. On the other hand, if we want a subscription with which we can work as a team, with up to three more coworkers, the price is $ 32. Of course, with all the functions and unlimited tools.

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