The new City Transformer is a small urban electric vehicle whose autonomy is around 180 kilometers and has adjustable dimensions. It is designed to move freely and freely around the city and has an affordable sale price.

The celebration of Munich Motor Show 2021 It was the moment chosen by an Israeli firm based in Tel Aviv to present its new urban electric vehicle to the European public. A very interesting urban mobility solution. Its about new City Transformer, a vehicle that boasts solvent performance together with a most striking adaptability.

The new City Transform is presented as an alternative to models of the likes of the Renault Twizy and even the Citroën AMI or the future Opel Rocks-e. To differentiate yourself from all these proposals of small urban electric vehicles, the Israeli model will play several tricks that we must pay attention to.

City Transformer, a small urban electric vehicle with about 180 km of autonomy

City Transformer, an electric vehicle with an adjustable size

Measuring one meter wide, the firm behind the new City Transformer ensures that in a standard parking space there is enough space for four copies. It has two driving modes that vary the dimensions of the vehicle, since it has the ability to adapt to different situations. At City Folded mode
(Folded) the width is kept in the mentioned meter, while in the Performance mode the width increases to 1.4 meters respectively.

The brand itself ensures that the vehicle has the ability to reduce the track width when parked. This is key to facilitating what becomes a daunting task on a daily basis. Find a space in which to park the vehicle. What’s more, they highlight that the City Transformer can be parked in places that until now were reserved specifically for motorcycles.

The City Transformer will be available in four exterior colors: Spacious White, Concrete Gray, Nimble Blue Metallic and Transformer Red. It is a very acceptable level of customization considering the type of vehicle we are facing.

City Transformer
The City Transformer has been developed by an Israeli company and is now for sale

The autonomy of the new City Transformer

In the bowels of the new City Transformer lie two 7.5 kW electric motors (10 hp) that allow you to accelerate from 0 to 50 km / h in just 5 seconds. The maximum speed is 90 km / h and boasts a autonomy of around 180 kilometers on a single charge. Charging times vary depending on the outlet used. However, the company highlights that 80% of the battery capacity can be obtained in just 30 minutes.

The pre-order book for the new City Transformer is now open. The starting price is € 12,500. Once the pre-sale period is over, the cost of the vehicle will increase to € 16,000 respectively.