Racing game fans have had a great year. F1 2021 arrived a couple of months ago, Hot Wheels Unleashed gave us a new arcade-style experience, and Forza Horizon 5 is positioned to be one of the strongest cards on Xbox. Now, to this group is added Circuit Superstars, which was developed by the Mexicans Carolina, Carlos and Alberto Mastretta, in his studio known as Original Fire Games, and is now available to the public.

Circuit Superstars is a racing game with an isometric view, which presents us with a very fun competitive experience, which was published by Square Enix. Right now, all PC and Xbox users can now purchase this title, and in the future it will be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Along with this release, free DLC inspired by Top gear, the famous UK motor show, which offers a track and series of tests inspired by this show. This game includes 12 vehicles and 19 circuits set in 13 locations, where we can find rally-type modes, single-seaters, trucks, cars and more. Similarly, we find a mode for four players with split screen, and an online multiplayer for up to 12 players.

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Editor’s Note:

Circuit Superstars It looks like a quality game, which carries the name of Mexico to high levels in the international industry. Although the studio is located in Vancouver, national talent is present. Let’s just hope this title has a good reception from the general public.

Via: Original Fire Games

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Circuit Superstars, a Mexican game, is now available

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