Those with the bitten apple reveal more about one of the most impressive features of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 It is already in the hands of the first customers, who first hand have not been slow to share the most exciting aspects of the update of the most popular mobile in the world. Regarding the long-awaited day, several of the experts who have worked on the development of the device have shared in detail what the new features and how it will be possible to take advantage of them. One of them, the new camera system and especially the cinema mode.

In a recent interview for Tech Crunch. with Apple Vice President Kaiann Drance and Human Interface Team Designer Johnnie Manzari explained how they created cinema mode for the iPhone 13 where this idea came from and how the A15 Bionic was key to the result, also generated by “a large computational workload”.

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How Cinema Mode Was Created For iPhone 13

To achieve the result, of which Apple gave an incredible demonstration during the Keynote, Drance and Manzari sought to answer a curiosity. And it was none other than “What is it about cinema that has been timeless?”.

“We knew that bringing a high quality depth of field to video would be much more challenging. Unlike photos, video is designed to move while the person records, including the handshake. And that meant we would need higher quality depth data so that Cinematic mode could work on subjects, people, pets, and objects, and we needed that depth data on an ongoing basis to keep up with every frame. Representing these autofocus changes in real time is a huge computational workload. “

“When you look at the design process, we start with a deep reverence and respect for image and film throughout history. We are fascinated with questions like what principles of the image and the cinema are timeless? What handicrafts have endured culturally and why? “

Apple proposed the cinema mode as one of the most interesting features of the iPhone 13, promoting the recording of cinematic-looking videos from a mobile. The present utility to reach the recording of professional projects, even a family vacation. And without a doubt, we will see many examples in the future.

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