Chrono Cross could be back, Yasunori Mitsuda

Chrono Cross could be back, Yasunori Mitsuda

Since last year there have been strong rumors about an interesting title of the RPG genre, there were certain clues that a great one would return, but the year ended and it simply did not happen.

There were several clues that indicated that one of the most remembered, Chrono Cross, would return, but after the year went by, without any revelation materializing, it seemed that this had been a false alarm, but there are new clues, which give fans more hope.

We mention this because On January 21, Yasunori Mitsuda turned 50 and as expected, his followers took the opportunity to congratulate him.

Immediately afterwards, the creative responded to the displays of affection with a message in which he apologized for the impossibility of thanking individually, but he did not just say that.

What we could highlight, since he caught the attention of all his followers, is that, in the tweet, he said that he will express his gratitude through his work and anticipated that the revelation of one of his projects is scheduled for next month.

“Thank you very much for your birthday messages. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to each person. This thanks will be returned to you at work. As soon as possible, if lucky, we’ll announce the first one next month, so please look forward to it!” !”, is what can be read in the message of Mitsuda.

This got fans thinking Square Enix, which is preparing the announcement of the remake of Chrono Cross, added to this, an informant had assured that a game was in development that had a history with PlayStation, which was already discussed after a leak of Nvidia.

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Later, these rumors have gained more strength, since the singers affirmed that they were working on a game of PlayStation.

It was then, how a collaboration for the mobile game was confirmed last December Another Eden, which carried great content from Chrono Cross.

Such an announcement has caused a bittersweet sensation, as it showed how good a remake would look, but it lowered the mood of the fans, since all these rumors apparently only led to this collaboration, now it remains to be seen what it refers to Yasunori Mitsuda and what is it Square Enix plans for the title’s 20th anniversary.