Christopher Nolan has already found a home for his next production. Thus, standing firm in opposition to the streaming culture, this was his decision.

The cinema has very few directors on pedestals like it has actors or films. However, this is the case with Christopher Nolan, who with his style focused on deep psychology and the unexpected twists of a complex reality, has been widely recognized by the critical community and the audience.

Even so, as the times progress and the way of watching cinema changes, the writer does not stop seeing streaming platforms as a solution, seeing them more as impediments to the essence of what the seventh art really is.

In this way, the filmmaker repeatedly stated that he would seek to separate from Warner Bros., so it was learned that Tenet it had been his last creation with the production company. However, the question of who would be Nolan’s next ally was growing and the suitors were not lacking.

Netflix, MGM and Sony Pictures They tried, but in the end the screenwriter did not decide on any of these and was surprised. Reports reveal that Universal studios It will be the house that will host the next film by the creative, which is centered on a true story of the war.

Like Christopher Nolan, the chain has remained steadfast in tradition, prioritizing theaters over digital catalogs. Will they succeed commercially?

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What is it about?

Nolan’s next feature film will strongly mark his career, as he will step aside with the science fiction or psychological thriller to which he accustomed his audience. On the other hand, the director will delve into the historical genre. According to reports, his next release would be a drama based on the Second World War.

The story will focus on the participation of J. Robert Oppenheimer in the creation of the atomic bomb. Given the physical appearance that the scientist had, it was not unreasonable to think Christian bale or even in it Robert Pattinson to bring it to life on the big screen.

However, the reports already take as a fact that Cillian Murphy the character will be made. The celebrity already worked with the creative before in The dark knight, The Dark Knight Rises: The Legend Rises and Dunkirk.

Source: Deadline