Chris Pratt convinces in the Amazon Prime Video series

Chris Pratt convinces in the Amazon Prime Video series

The war and nationalist narrative is one of the axes of the entertainment industry. It would be convenient to make the nuance and mark that it is the US sector. But, taking into account that it influences a large part of the platforms, it must be taken for granted that it expands beyond those borders and that, within popular culture, it is positioned as a stereotype. One that supports the latest Amazon Prime Video series, the final list.

Within this narrative, the story starring Chris Prattwho plays the commander james reece, explores the layer in which the United States armed system itself questions its soldiers. The reason? A project that goes wrong. Those who might once have been honored are now being shot at head height. The protagonist will try to avenge his former companions and hunt down all those who have conditioned his life.

the final list It begins as a classic action story. Explosions, detonations and nationalist gestures go in different directions. Until something goes wrong. The experiment that could alter the structure of part of the United States security system begins to collapse, while the morale of a soldier, James Reece, is in discussion. Is this enough to make you want to see it? Maybe yes. Because it is much more than an action story.

The bottom of the final list

The traumas of the soldiers. Retirement management. The mental health of the armed forces. The role of the media in this process. the final list It is not a deep essay on these topics, nor does it want to settle on one of them in particular. But it is allowed to present them as part of a more complex scheme: those men and women who expose their lives based on an idea of ​​a nation can be exposed.

For this, the series Amazon Prime Video Play with different tones. From the explosive it starts, it passes to a more weighted one, marked by police searches and particular military actions in which it is shown how a security force can work and how prepared an individual can be; the latter can even be a sort of army within itself. All this is marinated in journalistic work, with an investigation underway. In that sense, even being far from the following masterpieces, he evokes in some sections All the President’s Men Y network.

It should be clarified: the final list It is not a series to learn how journalism works in these cases. Its purpose, in any case, is to remember its influence within societies. Meanwhile, James Reece continues to go through his own emotional labyrinth, trapped between grief and a progressively cracking health without the State offering more support; on the contrary: he pushes him to want revenge on those who now turn their backs on him.

the final list

Chris Pratt stars in the story of a military man with various disorders and who, along with his physical and mental health, must face the traps of a system that aspires to erase the registry of officers like the one played by the actor. The eight-episode series alternates between well-achieved action stretches and character-building stretches and stretches in which the rhythm and tension lose a bit of strength. Still, it holds up to the end.

Chris Pratt convinces in the Amazon Prime Video series

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The role of the hero

Chris Pratt has been progressively exploring more dramatic roles, as opposed to his work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. happened in tomorrow’s war and it happens again the final list. Even though they are different productions, he finds himself in roles outside his proposal within Guardians of the Galaxy. In this series the development of him as a character could even contradict the hero career that he has developed so far.

The Final List, Amazon Prime Series

The final list presents the viewer with the classic debate: Does the end justify the means or not? Can a man go against the system without rising as a greater threat to it? What is the idea of ​​the State, if it cannot guarantee security nor is it a framework in which its citizens have priority, but rather are at the service of the companies? Maybe each question, within the final list, invite longer essays. Its possibility is already an achievement of the series, entertaining and with good tension management.

It’s not perfect. The drop in rhythm between the most explosive sections and those that are police, construction of history, are evident; there may even be some verisimilitude failure. But it holds up. Even actors like taylor kitsch, with a career in which several roles in which he overacts stand out, manages to offer a more austere and useful interpretation to the plot. They may always win the same in these types of stories. Although the reflections that he can shoot are perhaps the great value of it, along with eight mostly entertaining episodes, including several symbolic and powerful photographic compositions.

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Chris Pratt convinces in the Amazon Prime Video series

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the final list is available on Amazon Prime Video from July 1, 2022.