Chris Hemsworth gives his thoughts on Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth gives his thoughts on Thor: Love and Thunder

There is about a week left until the most current movie in the universe of Marvel opens in theaters, Thor: Love and Thunder, which is why the actors have already started their press tour. And precisely in one of the interviews, the protagonist Chris Hemsworthgave some opinions that can be misunderstood a little with listening to the beginning.

During the question and answer session, the result of love and thunder It was like letting a seven-year-old run everything, and although it may sound a bit strange, this was mentioned in a good way. Given that they were given so many creative liberties that the production team and director Taika Waititi, they crafted a madness for the big screen.


Here is the actor’s statement:

This movie is a crazy Taika. It’s like he was given the keys to the kingdom and someone thought: what would happen if we let a seven year old make a tape? Well, let’s put this over here, let’s do this over there. He received a positive response to everything she suggested. So now we have a very crazy production in front of us.

For his part, the director has mentioned in interviews that the film is a love letter to the 80’s, since elements appear that were familiar to the most veteran fans. From the first trailers we could see this kind of approach, since you can hear melodies at full volume like Sweet Child of Mine of Guns n’ Roses.

Remember that Thor: Love and Thunder the next one opens July 7th in theaters.

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