We chop the two chocolates (we can use only one) and place them in a deep and wide container. We heat the liquid cream, either in a saucepan over the fire or in the microwave. As soon as it starts to boil, pour it over the chopped chocolate and let the heat melts it. It will take about five minutes.

After this time we can stir the chocolate and cream until both ingredients are integrated. Next we add the butter at room temperature, better if it is chopped, and we remove again to integrate.

We chop the cookies with a knife and add them to the previous mixture together with the granulated almonds. We stir gently to integrate all the ingredients. We cover the container with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. Let it cold down for an hour.

After this time the mixture will have acquired a certain consistency and will have become manageable. We spread a sheet of plastic wrap on the table and dump the mixture on it, giving it Extended form.

We roll forming a cylinder, turning it on itself and knotting the ends to ensure that stays compact. To make it more cylindrical, we wrap it again in another sheet of plastic wrap. We keep it in the fridge for a minimum of six hours or, even better, overnight.

Now it only remains to remove the plastic wrap and pass the chocolate cylinder through icing sugar, ensuring that we cover the entire surface. When serving it is important that the salami is at room temperature so that it can be cut well (using a smooth-edged knife dipped in hot water).

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