Chihiro makes us fall in love with her own version of Beidou from Genshin Impact

Chihiro makes us fall in love with her own version of Beidou from Genshin Impact

he cosplayer community has great affection for many of the characters that appear in our favorite video games in the industry, so we can see artists and models from all over the world, performing amazing characterizations that allow us to see them in real life, such This is the case of today’s cosplay that has the theme of Genshin Impact.

Something that we find quite striking is that Genshin Impact has a large cast of playable characters, and we can often see various cosplayers cosplaying their favorite characters, such as one that we show you that is focused on the female character of Beidou.

Beidou is a playable character from Genshin Impact who first arrived in Version 1.0 in the gachapon and is presented to us in the flesh, thanks to an amazing characterization made by the beautiful cosplayer model, Chihiro, better known as chihiro_chang, in her official Instagram account, in which she often presents us with cosplays dedicated to various anime and video game characters.

For those who are not into the character of Beidou, we will tell you that she is the captain of the Crux Meridianam Fleet, a renowned crew in Liyue. In addition to her abilities as a fleet captain and her immense strength, she is known by many in Liyue for her lack of fear of Liyue’s Seven Stars Heavenly Balance, Ninguang, a trait that the other appreciates, but that she gets irritated

Regarding his appearance, Beidou has a tall and curvaceous stature with long dark brown hair, with the upper part tied with a white hairpin and ruby ​​eyes, with a red patch on his left eye and an earring on his left ear.

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Her attire consists of a black leotard under a red sleeveless qipao dress with side slits cut to her hips and chest area cut out, with her Vision chained below her left breast and a fur-lined shawl, additionally with a pair in fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots. Beidou, according to the Master of Tea, Liu Su, is 6 feet tall and “is heavier than the heaviest man you have ever seen”

So Chihiro’s characterization manages to hit the mark by presenting us with a Beidou with a truly striking silhouette, and who will surely steal the gaze of more than one Genshin Impact fan, with a cosplay that does not ask anything of the version original, so you can dig into her Instagram and see more of her cosplays.