Chickpea, avocado and feta cheese salad, video recipe for easy and simple cooking

Chickpea, avocado and feta cheese salad, video recipe for easy and simple cooking

Legumes are a very nutritious food that should be kept in mind in our weekly menus. The salad format it is ideal for the hot months, when it costs a little more to include them. At Directo al Paladar we have many recipes for salads with legumes and today we are expanding the list with a new proposal. It’s refreshing, delicious, and makes in the blink of an eye.

To prepare this chickpea, avocado and feta salad we have used canned chickpeas. We always have a pot in the pantry for times of trouble. Although the standard of a home cooked legume is unattainable, there are good quality brands on the market.

Chickpea can be substituted for white beans or green beans, two mild-flavored legumes that work just as well when paired with avocado and feta cheese. With this salad you will have the first course of the meal ready in less than 15 minutes and in an easy way. Do you dare to prepare it?

We peel (if necessary) and finely chop chives. We do the same with the avocados, removing the bones and dicing them. Finely chop some stems of fresh chives, well washed and dried. If we bought block feta cheese, we cut it into cubes.

Squeeze the lime (or lemon) and mix its juice with the olive oil and the chopped chives. Season to taste (optional). We place the chickpeas, the diced avocado and feta cheese in a salad bowl and we water with the dressing. We stir well and serve immediately.

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With what to accompany the chickpea, avocado and feta salad

This chickpea, avocado and feta salad It is an ideal complete dish for when we return home from work and we do not feel like cooking. It can be left prepared in the fridge, without the avocado (so that it does not oxidize) and add them at the time of consumption. This will take no more than a minute to prepare the food.

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