Checo Pérez is a trend; They remind you of a message from Susana Dosamantes

Checo Pérez is a trend;  They remind you of a message from Susana Dosamantes

Since yesterday the death of Susana Dosamantes, the trend of his death continues to cause controversy in networks. First impacting your daughter’s personal brand Pauline Rubio. Today they remind Czech Perez the last message written in the @SDosamantesOF account, from media such as Minuto D, Lado MX and verified accounts on Twitter such as La Opinion.

Checo Pérez is one of the sports personalities with the greatest influence in the world of racing and one of the most valuable ambassadors of the Mexico country brand at this time. The last fact that stands out from the pilot is that he is being related to Dosamantes by a message that the account of Twitter referred to above, published with the image of the pilot where it reads “winner” and “Long live Mexico”.

– It is interesting to see how personalities can interact on social networks, through posts or comments –

This event details how the value of a social conversation changes when it happens between public figures and not only between verified accounts and followers, which demonstrates the weight that being a recognized person has on social networks and how the subject in the statement of virality on social media, the more known, the greater the impact it achieves.

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From this beginning we can understand how banal actions, such as the fact that Shakira began to be followed by Chris Evans or Henry Cavill, become a world trend, when he just announced the separation from his partner, a footballer known as “Piqué”.


The conversation on social networks becomes viral in proportion to the popularity of the public figures that maintain it and when they go from users to well-known people who answer or replicate messages from a personal brand with weight in the market, virality invades the networks and triggers unexpected actions.

The last case seen with the Twitter account @SDosamantesOF, in which the last publication celebrates Checo Pérez as a successful pilot, coinciding with the death of the actress and mother of Paulina Rubiothe same weekend that Pérez plays in the UK GP, makes users remind the pilot of the last message celebrating his achievements, from a related account on behalf of the actress.

Of at least 20 reasons that users of social networks in the world, told GWI and DataReportal in their “Digital 2022: Global digital overview”they had to enter these platforms, two support the interest caused by seeing public figures in the role of users joining a social conversation, with common actions such as an account related to the name of Dosamantes celebrating the triumph of Checo Pérez.

The 21 percent do it to follow influencers or celebrities yun 29 percent to see what is being talked about.

There is an almost natural disposition in networks to trigger conversations like the one that relates Dosamantes to Pérez, allowing banality, such as knowing who follows Shakira on networks after announcing their love break, to become international news.

Appearance of the conversation that the Shakira case generated in networks:

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