iMazing is one of the best apps to manage the iPhone from the Mac or PC. It is not only useful for troubleshooting, restoring applications or managing content, but also for tasks such as transfer our WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS.

Now, the software company behind iMazing has also included a curious tool, totally free, which allows us to analyze our iPhone and know if it has been affected by Pegasus spyware. And the best of all is that it works fully automatically, in a single click and is compatible with all versions of iOS.

IMazing’s Pegasus spyware detection system uses the tool developed and published by Amnesty International. This means that it is fully audited, as it is available with its documentation at GitHub. The only difference between iMazing and the original tool is that the new one makes it easier and streamlines the process for non-advanced users.

iMazing detects Pegasus spyware with a single click

No configuration or prior backup is required; all that is needed to get started is to start iMazing, connect an iPhone, and select the Detect Spyware action.

And do not worry, the whole process is scanning and analysis is done in local, so iMazing does not collect any data from the iPhone. What’s more, the company recommends that, when performing the scan, it be done on an encrypted backup, so that no one has access to its data, as it offers:

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  • Analysis without the need for prior configuration.
  • Integrated backup of the analyzed device.
  • Backup encryption.
  • iMazing decrypts only the files the scanner needs and removes the decrypted copies immediately after scanning.
  • The configuration user interface allows to use custom STIX files and choose the analysis report format (CSV and Excel)

Although it is quite difficult for you to have Pegasus spyware on your iPhone, it does not hurt to check it knowing that the iMazing tool is completely free. Even after the trial period of the main application has passed, you can continue to use the Pegasus spyware scanner forever.

Of course, it should be noted that the iMazing spyware scanner is limited to detecting a subset of very specific known threats and does not prevent infection. It is not an antivirus, come on.