Check out the first trailer for ‘Ms. Marvel’, the new Disney Plus series

Check out the first trailer for ‘Ms.  Marvel’, the new Disney Plus series

While within the Marvel Cinematic Universe the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, both Disney and Marvel continue to advance in the construction of that narrative through the series. In that sense, the most recent novelty has to do with the first trailer for Ms Marvelthe next production in television format.

Ms. Marvel will be the seventh series that Marvel and Disney will present, within the aforementioned narrative. Before this series, during 2021 they launched WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What would happen if…? and hawk eyen. To these series will be added, at the end of this month, moon knight.

Maybe from all those series, Ms Marvel be the one that addresses the lesser-known character in the comics. So, it is presented as a risky bet within the productions that Marvel and Disney are developing. On the other hand, it responds to the interest of both production houses, aimed at refreshing a good part of the narrative with new characters during Phase 4.

The trailer for Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel is starring Iman Vellaniwho plays kamala khan. At first, this character is not a superheroine. In fact, her relationship with superheroes is that of someone who follows and admires them from her room. One of her main references is Capital Marvel. This series tells the story of how she progressively transforms into those people she admires.

In that sense, this character evokes Kate Bishoppresented through Hawk Eye. They are characters who do not have many skills and who, however, moved by their interest in helping others, end up developing specific talents. In the case of Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan can change the dimension of her limbs. In addition to this, as revealed in the trailer, she can manipulate energy.

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This character, in addition to being new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is also presented as a bet by the studios on two key issues today: the rational and feminist agenda. Seen what was seen in this first advance, it is intuited that bullying will also be treated. As for the adaptation, there will be a lot of similarity with the format of the comic strips, based on the passion that Ms Marvel feel for these kinds of stories.

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Ms Marvel It will be released on June 8 through the Disney Plus platform.