In this way, we will not be losing money practically given away, since this way we will avoid having to put it out of our pocket. Therefore, if you want get free gold to be able to level up the cards and, in turn, gain experience, these will be the options that you will have at your fingertips every time you enter the game.

This is how you get gold in Clash Royale

There is no doubt that, in order to continue advancing and improving our deck, gold is essential. And, at a certain point, the amount we will need will be much higher than at the beginning, since the higher the level of the cards, the more it will cost us to pay the price to continue improving it. Therefore, these are all the methods that we will have so that the coins in Clash Royale will not be a problem again.

Always put a chest open

It is nothing new and, surely, you have noticed yourself. But, the truth is that always having an opening chest will ensure that we first earn more coins, and not be losing money. So you should pay close attention at this point, so that at no time is it completely empty of chests, that is, there should not be any time in which you do not have at least one open chest. In addition, and of course, depending on the chest we place, we will earn more or less.

Use your clan in Clash royale

Many players have not realized it yet, or simply prefer to go by themselves. But the fact of having a clan will be another important point to continue increasing our gold reserves. In addition, we will have two ways within the clan to earn even more. The first method will be donating all the cards that we have saved that we will never use again, in this way we will win some free coins.

And the second option will be playing with the clan, both training or battle matches. For example, training sessions can be played from Monday to Wednesday, so you will have these extra days to increase your coins for free.

The free rewards of the Pass Royale

Pass Royale in Clash Royale

For those who do not know yet, we have both paid and free. However, if you decide not to buy it, you can always choose to get the free rewards that will be given as we progress. So we can get the different chests that they give as a reward. In this way, we will be able to achieve more than 30,000 coins without having to spend money out of our pocket to get free gold in Clash Royale. Of course, in order for them to be available to you, you will have to be a player in Arena 7 or more.

Weekend events

Clash Royale sometimes also makes things a little easier for us to increase our coins. As is the case of putting events on weekends. Although, it may vary, since they may put the Crown Fever event, or the one that really interests us for this occasion, the Gold Rush event with which we will be able to win up to 10,000 coins. However, they are special events that the game activates at specific times.