Cheat creator gives up on Battlefield 2042 and its bugs

Cheat creator gives up on Battlefield 2042 and its bugs

The cheaters They are always a problem in online games, so companies often look for countermeasures. However, there is something that worked to keep a provider away from Battlefield 2042 cheats, but it is not about its anti-cheating system, but about the poor performance of the game that does not allow some cheats to work properly.

The well-known site Aimex Cheats It offers cheats for first-person shooter video games from the most popular franchises, and although its cheats themselves are free, you need to pay a subscription to access them. However, since last week Battlefield 2042 cheats removed, because the poor performance of the game made it not work correctly.

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We are going to discontinue BF2042 from our store“, advertisement panfyero in the Aimex Cheats forums last Wednesday, January 12. “The reason for this decision is the ongoing game performance issue affecting the cheat and most people are no longer using their subscription as the game is dying.”, explains the provider of cheats in the forum.

The site has different types of subscriptions, with some that work only for a specific video game and others that grant access to several of them. In its statement, the provider of cheats informed people subscribed to the battlefield 2042 cheat that they could change their subscription for that of any Call of Duty game, because there their cheats do work correctly.

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The store of Aimex Cheats does not currently offer cheats for Battlefield 2042, but it is possible to subscribe to get cheats for COD MW2019 and Warzone, COD Vanguard and COD Cold War.