Xiaomi has taken the pulse of Android TV, and not only on its televisions: the brand’s projector division is adding devices with relative frequency. And we already have the new international model: the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 it has been unveiled together with the Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi Pad 5. The projector keeps its dimensions small while offering a multitude of playback options.

Staying on the move has certain more or less acceptable disadvantages, such as the inability to travel with a large-format monitor. Watching series, movies and playing video games on your mobile or tablet is fine, but sometimes a screen larger than 50 inches is missing. What do you want to carry with that screen? Well, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 may be the solution. Perfect for travel, with all the power of Android TV.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 datasheet

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2
RESOLUTIONFull HD (1,080p)
500 ANSI lumens maximum brightness
Projection factor1.2: 1
SCREEN SIZE60 to 120 inches (recommended)
OSAndroid TV
Bluetooth 5.0
HDMI 2.0 port
USB 2.0 port
Audio output (3.5mm Jack)
SOUNDDolby Audio
Two speakers of 5 W each
DIMENSIONS115 x 150 x 150 mm
WEIGHT1.3 kg
PRICE599 euros

Your content on the big screen and wherever you want

The key to a projector like the one Xiaomi offers is to have all the content you can think of on the big screen and without having to drag a huge television. In terms of dimensions, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 projects the image in Full HD with a recommended diagonal ranging from 60 inches to 120. The larger the size, the less sharp the image; with the downside of brightness: Xiaomi promises a maximum of 500 lumens.

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The Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 is a compact and perfect LED projector to be taken anywhere. It does not evolve excessively with respect to the previous models, neither in design: white plastic housing, gray front and outlet for the projection of light.

Android TV is the star of the device: with this operating system the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 is enough and more than enough to project most streaming platforms, YouTube, television channels with Tivify and it is even suitable to play. For this you can connect a game controller, it has Bluetooth 5.0.

My Smart Projector 2

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 includes double speaker, offers Dolby Audio, equips 2 GB of RAM (DDR3), 16 GB of storage (eMMC), adapts the projection to the perspective of the device, includes autofocus, offers Google Assistant and comes standard with an integrated Chromecast. Projecting the phone screen on the wall is also possible.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2

Xiaomi’s new portable projector already has confirmation for Spain, although it will take time to market: the brand cites “end of 2021” as the approximate date. We do know the final price: the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 will cost 599 euros.