Chainsaw Man reveals an impressive new figure

Chainsaw Man reveals an impressive new figure


The first chapter of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is expected to air sometime in 2022 via Crunchyroll in Spanish and to get ready for this long-awaited premiere, Shibuya Scramble and Studio MAPPA have revealed the look at the next special figure that we will have from this anime series.

Shibuya Scramble and Studio MAPPA revealed a first look at the upcoming statue, recreating one of the biggest covers for the manga series that has become a fan favorite in a relatively short period of time, taking advantage of the fact that the sales of the manga have increased as the anime broadcast approaches:

The new Chainsaw Man figure will be ready for pre-sale in July 2022.

Shibuya Scramble shared an official description of the figure that will set up pre-orders on July 5, 2022 and set fans back around $340 USD, if they’re looking to add this Chainsaw Man statue to their anime collection. There may be no better way to excite the fandom in this way.

The figure is sculpted with a power that can be heard screaming at any time. The figure also represents the moment when the chainsaw rips a piece of meat and cuts the air with great enthusiasm. The bold blood splatter shows the intensity of the battle. She enjoys the dynamic figure of the zombie demon as he boldly fights his way through the zombies.

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We may soon have Chainsaw Man anime news

It is planned that Chainsaw Man Has a Presence at This Year’s Anime Expo in Japanwhich will take place later this week, and while it is yet to be confirmed what MAPPA will be bringing to the convention, fans are sure to get some new information when it comes to the upcoming anime series.

Chainsaw Man first arrived on the scene in 2018 from creator Tatsuki Fujimoto., the mangaka who has recently worked on a series of one-shots that have garnered high praise. With Studio MAPPA’s anime adaptation set to arrive later this year, the prolific animation house is teaming up with Shibuya Scramble to create a new gory statue that represents the craziness of the series and just how gory the hero can get. Denji when fully immersed in his Chainsaw Devil form.

chainsaw man sayonara eri

Sayonara, Eri (Goodbye, Eri) is one of the biggest one-shots from the Chainsaw Man artist and is getting a physical release.

Chainsaw Man first debuted in 2018 and is considered one of the most exciting Shonen series of this era., which tells the story of a world of demons who make deals with ordinary citizens to grant them powers beyond comprehension. With Denji’s main goal being simply to get a roof over his head, earn three full meals a day, and one day land a girlfriend, Fujimoto’s series was able to exceed expectations while telling a story that was not only filled with blood and blood. but some serious emotion to boot.

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