CES 2022: Trust showcased its innovation in products for the office and home

CES 2022: Trust showcased its innovation in products for the office and home

Trust presented at CES 2022 its new webcams, mice, keyboards and light ring so that you are always ready at home or in the office. We will tell you what they are!

Trust was part of the CES 2022 and presented, as every year, the latest gaming products … and also in its office line.

Home and work have become a bit of the same place over the past two years. That is why we are all investing more in our hardware to have video conferencing. That’s why Trust introduced its new cameras, light ring, and keyboard mouse combo.

CES 2022: Trust showcased its innovation in products for the office and home

Webcam Iris and Tolar

The conference webcam Iris brings Clear technology to your meeting roomView, capable of recording video in 4K resolution, with 120 ° field of view and HDR support. It also has automatic pan and tilt that follow the speaker, so you’re always in frame. Its technology ClearSound allows you to record with high quality the voice of anyone who is located up to a range of up to 5 meters. Automatically filters out external vibrations and noise for the highest quality video and audio in your video calls.

The Full HD Tolar is the next camera to Trust presented during the CES. It can record in 1080p resolution at 30 FPS, in an accessible way. It has two built-in noise-canceling microphones and a universal mount that allows you to place it wherever you need it.

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Maku Ring of Light


Lighting is often a problem in video calls. That is why Trust brings you a simple solution for when you have to record with your smartphone or your webcam. This 10 ″ diameter ring light comes with a bracket that will allow you to connect your video device for comfortable use.

It has light intensity and temperature settings to achieve the best possible lighting. Ideal to complement your setting in streamings, or improve your image in video calls or video blogs.

Mouses and keyboards


It may seem like a small thing, but the reality is that a great mouse makes a difference to your quality of life at work. The new mouse Bay from Trust It has a vertical design that helps reduce stress on the forearm and wrist, to reduce post-work stress. It’s wireless, so you can enjoy being cable-free and with a rechargeable battery to reduce electronic pollution. You can take it anywhere.

New color variants of the Ivy Wireless: Red Brush, Blue Brush, and Pink Circles. These models have the same characteristics of this line of mouse, including its ambidextrous design for greater user comfort. Small in size, easily transportable, they are wireless and have an adjustable speed between 800 and 1600 DPI.

Finally, the Trust family of keyboards for the office and home are joined by keyboards TARO and AND MO, to be sold alone or as a kit. The Taro has quiet and liquid resistant keys. His kit adds a mouse with an ambidextrous design. The YMO keyboard is also quiet and wireless for a cable-free, pocket-friendly experience.