CES 2022: Trust introduced its new mice, keyboards, headphones and microphones

CES 2022: Trust introduced its new mice, keyboards, headphones and microphones

Trust Gaming joined the most important technological event of the year, the CES, and showed what are the new peripherals that add to the assortment of products. We will tell you in this note!

Trust Gaming is one of the major brands of peripherals intended for the gaming Worldwide. That is why it also went through CES 2022, the world’s largest electronics fair. There he presented his new line of products for gaming They include keyboards, mouses, headphones and microphones.

Edwin Anthony aan de Wiel, Director of Trust Americas, said through a press release issued by the Dutch brand: “After a great 2021 for the brand, we are happy to start this new year by participating in CES 2022 with the announcement of our new products. We have learned a lot about the needs and preferences of the players during these last two years, and we are happy to finally be able to show them these new products, which combine everything learned in this period with an accessible price that seeks to reach as many players as possible after this global economic impact that sadly caused the pandemic ”.

But now let’s take a look at the new products from Trust.

Keyboard GXT 834 Callaz TKL Mechanical

CES 2022: Trust introduced its new mice, keyboards, headphones and microphones

Compact but powerful, the new Callaz TKL by Trust it is a mechanical keyboard with switches Outemu and format Tenkeyless that will allow you to have more free space on your desktop and take it wherever you want. Unlike the Mazz -the other mechanic of the brand that we reviewed and that was also presented at CES-, the body of the Ctollaz is made with a superior metal plate that adds rigidity.

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Has RGB lighting with 6 fixed colors and more than 20 modes with adjustable brightness and speed to customize it to your liking.

GXT 980 REDEX, GXT 131 Ranoo and GXT 92 YBAR mouses


To a good gamer he cares about his mouses. That is why Trust took to the CES three different models that will make you shine in your FPS.

The GXT 980 REDEX with wireless connection and battery that lasts up to 50 hours, it also has adjustable speed between 400 and 10,000 DPI’s. It also has switches Kailh mechanics. Another of the mice presented is the GXT 121 Ranoo, which has 9 customizable buttons – which make it ideal for gaming MMOs- and it is also equipped with wireless connection. The third is the GXT 922W YBAR with a white design and adjustable optical sensor between 7200 DPI to adjust it to your preferences and needs.

GXT 391 Thian Headphones and GXT 620 Axon Soundbar

CES 2022: Trust introduced its new mice, keyboards, headphones and microphones

If we talk about experience in gaming, good sound can make a difference. That is why, in addition, Trust presented its new headphones GXT 391 Thian, which will allow you to play on any platform with a wireless connection for up to 13 hours. They are ultra-light in weight and come with a built-in microphone and volume control.

Speakers fans also get a new feature from Trust. The new sound bar GXT 620 Axon will allow you to enjoy high-quality audio on your PC, with bright lighting RGB.

GXT 255+ Onyx Microphone


The latest product that Trust Gaming presented this time is the microphone GXT 255+ Onyx, offering high recording quality to enhance the sound of all your streams. It comes with a ready-to-mount arm on your table, which reduces vibrations and prevents knocks from being heard on the desk.

These products will be available at Argentina Through the official Trust store in Mercado Libre or official product resellers Trust.