The French company, Withings, announced Body Scan, a smart scale or scale that will record ECGs, segmented measurements of body composition, nervous activity and more. Sort everything in this note!

CES 2022: how is the smart scale that measures each part of your body separately and makes you an electrocardiogram

For the CES 2022, the French electronics company, Withings, advertisement Body Scan, a smart scale that does much more than just weigh and measure body composition. With a design that highlights a handle that will measure ECG and nerve activity, users will be able to obtain more data and information about their health. It will also integrate with smartwatches from Withings, in addition to the APIs of Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

Yes OK Withings is not physically present in the CES 2022, the French company presented its new device virtually by the hand of Mathieu Letombe, the CEO of the company, the medical director of Withings, Shikha Anand, and the product manager, Antoine joussain. Together they detailed the features and explained the new functions it will bring Body Scan.

Body Scan It will include six-lead EKG readings, segmented measurements of body composition, and the ability to assess nerve activity. Withings claims the device’s body scan is accurate to 0.1 pounds (50 grams). It contains four weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes on the scale itself, plus four additional ones located on the handle. It features a larger and higher resolution 3.2-inch color LCD screen, as well as a one-year battery life between charges.

Withings ensures that Body Scan will provide heart rate, ECG records, and vascular age data at each weigh-in and display the results on the screen or in the app Withings Health Mate. Another feature that this device will provide is the ability to save and share the results with healthcare professionals.

The most particular characteristic of Body Scan It is the handle with four stainless steel electrodes. This allows safe, low-level electrical signals to pass through the entire body and thus detect cardiac arrhythmias through two sets of electrodes on each side of the handle and one inside the base.

CES 2022: how is the smart scale that measures each part of your body separately and makes you an electrocardiogram

Withings- Body Scan

The scale will use multi-frequency BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) as the retractable handle provides two additional points of contact, so you will be able to measure the percentage of water and total body fat, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water. It will also provide readings for individual body parts, such as the torso, arms, and legs.

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Withings- Body Scan

Making a difference, Whithings wanted to go one step further and partnered with the manufacturer of medical devices Impeto Medical to add to Body Scan a function that assesses nerve activity. The scale would measure the activity of the sweat glands in the feet and generate a score that, according to Withings, could show signs of nerve dysfunction. “It is a useful function, because there are many chronic health problems, such as obesity, associated with poor nerve function“, He said Letombe.

Yes OK Withings says it plans to launch its new scale for $ 279 in the second half of 2022, Body Scan It is subject to FDA and CE approval, so the launch date will depend on how quickly the company can get regulatory go-ahead.