The Christmas season is already underway. If you can’t wait for December 24, don’t worry. It was recently announced that Lotto Producciones has an event prepared for all the inhabitants of Mexico City who wish to celebrate this holiday in the company of The Simpson.

This event is called the Simpson Christmas Festival, and it will take place on December 4 in the Historic Center of CDMX. All those interested have to know that this is not a free celebration, since we need to pay. Fortunately, admission tickets range from $ 100 pesos to $ 600 pesos, each offering various gifts for attendees.

As it is a Christmas event, the activity that attracts the most attention is to write a letter to Santa Claus, and deliver it to Homer. Along with this you will also have the opportunity to meet the voice actors for Nelson and the gardener Willie. As if that were not enough, everyone attendees will be able to enjoy replicas of Moe’s bar, as well as the Kwik-E-Mart, where it will be possible to enjoy a Duff beer.

Without a doubt, this seems like the perfect event for fans of The Simpsons. If you’re interested, you can buy your tickets here, and each package has a gift, such as a shirt or a mug. On related topics, the classic Spanish voices of these characters have returned for new chapters. Similarly, the producer of the Simpsons talks about Hit & Run.


Editor’s Note:

This is quite an interesting way to celebrate Christmas. Los Simpson has a large number of fans in Mexico, and it is more than certain that this event will be a success. There is something for everyone, even the House of Terror will be in attendance, although this is out of season.

Via: Lotto Productions

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Celebrate Christmas with a Simpsons event

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