CCleaner officially arrives at the Microsoft Store

CCleaner officially arrives at the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store continues to bring together new applications. After the arrival of different browsers, Adobe apps and countless other apps arrives CCleaner. The classic optimizer arrives at the Microsoft Store as reported from Softpedia to try to reach more people, even if there have been lights and shadows with this app from Piriform Software.

CCleaner comes to the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and Windows 11

This optimizer, which was listed by Windows Defender in the past as a potentially unwanted application, try to regain the old fame of Windows XP and such. Really, the best optimizer is Windows itself and third-party apps sometimes hit where they shouldn’t. In addition, CCleaner had a healthy habit of installing other travel companions with its installation, encouraging users’ discomfort.

CCleaner has now passed Microsoft Store checks and will abide by Microsoft’s guidelines. We will see if this makes the app usable by users. Again, we do not recommend using optimizers, but, it may be interesting for you to search for drivers or uninstall certain apps.

It is incredible to see how the Microsoft Store finally begins to work as it should. The Redmond giant has had to struggle to convince the developers and after multiple attempts it seems that even companies like Epic Games trust Microsoft.