Card Shark is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 2

Card Shark is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 2

CardShark is a new type of card game where you have to cheat to win, as it tells us an alternate history of pre-revolutionary France in which we take on the role of a rising swindler. This title is developed by nerial and published by Return Digital on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Card Shark is scheduled to launch next Wednesday, June 2, but Nerial has released a free demo on Nintendo Switch and Steam to show us exactly what awaits us in this highly original game. Thanks to its game mechanics, clever dialogue and unique art style, Card Shark has everything to be one of the best indies of the year.

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Card Shark is a game that requires all your concentration and cunning, as you will have to deceive characters from 18th century French society in order to climb to the top. You take the role of a mute who works as a waiter in a saloon until he meets the Count of Saint Germain, who causes a very big change in his destiny.

Your employer is murdered and the murderer is going to blame her death on you, so you end up running away with the Count of Saint Germain and becoming a big con man. Throughout its history, Card Shark introduces you to more and more ways to cheat in card games, with mechanics that make them work similar to Wario Ware’s microgames.

In Card Shark we will learn many ways to cheat in card games.

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In Card Shark it is very important not to be discovered, so you must master your traps to be able to do them quickly and without raising suspicions. However, these tricks often require you to have a good memory and coordination, as you need to pay attention to several things at once and remember which cards you used for certain tricks.

Card Shark is a very clever game with a very funny script, plus a unique visual style that makes it look like a painting. Card Shark is undoubtedly one of the unexpected surprises of the year, so I recommend that you try the demo on Nintendo Switch and Steam to test the first hours of the game.