Canva has redesigned its logo after 9 years and a type designer is behind the result.

Brands constantly choose to perform strategies from rebranding, which allow that, by means of a slight (or not so much) transformation into a Logo, typography, design or content on the messages, it seeks to improve the opinions of customers about an already positioned brand. To be able to do this efficiently, we can turn to different digital platforms or graphic designers who are in charge of developing this task. An example of this is found when Colgate opted to change its name and its packaging design, which generated good reviews for the brand.

Canva is one of the platforms with different tools that allow us to easily and quickly create different visual stationery products, brochures, images, infographics and even logos. Although this platform does not usually have all the support of those who are dedicated to making design, it can strongly support those less experienced in the digital world, managing to create these different products with an acceptable appearance in a short period of time. .

Although this platform has the necessary tools to carry out a logo, the company made a collaboration with the type designer and letter artist Rob Clarke, with whom they teamed up to improve the readability of the name, especially in its two “a”, while all the letters also changed in terms of their balance and silhouette.

According to Canva, the reason for this strategy of rebranding where they created their new logo, it was to make his Logo a more “flexible” one in order to use it on billboards and little buttons, to say the least.

Although to the untrained eye the world of design the new logo from Canva something similar can be seen, experts can come to perceive the change. Despite this and according to an article by Canva published in Medium, the work team would have gone through 75 versions in order to reach the final result of the Logo. According to Rob Clarke:

“When the team of design from Canva He reached out to me to redraw his logo, I initially took notes on what was working and what needed attention. Some characters were less legible than they could be, especially when they were small in size. Legibility is always of great importance when drawing logos ”.

In the comments section of the publication, you can see that the followers of the tool indeed applaud this change and seem to have loved it.

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Canva renewed its image after having had the same logo for 9 years, however, this is not the first time that we have seen a brand change its image for strategic purposes.

Coca-Cola had previously changed its logo in order to showcase its new platform and global brand philosophy; According to an interview that the Merca 2.0 team did with Javier Meza, VP SR of Marketing of Coca-Cola Latin America, it was announced that this strategy sought to refresh the brand’s proposal, as well as connect with younger generations. Similarly, Instagram has changed its logo several times, and it seems to have worked efficiently.

This type of strategies from marketing They are necessary to be able to keep our brand at the forefront, show a new philosophy to the world and show that we stay updated, since with the passage of time and the evolution of marketing strategies, logos must also be updated and look forward .

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