They create the electric boat that is dethroning conventional options. This is the Candela C-8.

Sustainable mobility has become, in just a few decades, something that has reached all means of transport. What began with the arrival of the Nissan LEAF, back in 2010, has become an incessant growth of electrical mechanics in relation to options based on internal combustion. After all this time, everything seems to indicate that the reign of zero emissions in transport is closer than ever.

Now, does it affect all sectors equally? The truth is that no. We are seeing how the implementation of the electric car is being much simpler than the arrival of this technology in sectors such as aviation or maritime. Even so, the first projects are beginning to be seen that seek, of course, to compete with the conventional versions. This is how the Candela C-8 was born.

The leading boat in these lines is being an example of what a greater demand from the public can mean. Since its arrival on the market, this purely electric option has managed to gain a much higher market share to which any other manufacturer in Scandinavian territory owns. This makes it a good example to explain the change in dynamics that is taking place.

The company, in its presentation in Stockholm, where it has the main subsidiary, compared this proposal with the Tesla Model S. If it is correct, we are facing what could be the germ of the most popular company when it comes to sustainable pleasure boats. Even so, is it enough or is it necessary to show what the details of this proposal are?

Without a doubt, we are facing a technology that can mark an era over the next few years in this sector. Let’s see, therefore, what are the capacities of this alternative boat, what it can offer in the medium term and, of course, to what extent we are facing a differential variant in terms of sustainable mobility.

An electric boat that already surpasses all of the above in sales

Since its presentation, which took place just a few weeks ago, a total of 60 reservations have already been signed. This it is much more than the rest of the manufacturers present in the geographic area mentioned above. Now, what is it that makes this proposal so different? As is logical, the benefits of electrical mechanics are getting to penetrate a population that is increasingly aware of the environment.

The Candela C-8 is a boat that stands out, above all, for its dynamic qualities in the water. My News Week

Among the qualities of this proposal, stands out the presence of an electric drive created by the company itself. To it, 2 propellers are added, which are the ones that allow movement. The inclination of the proposal offered under the water is what allows the occasional span of the water structure to be enhanced, giving the impression that the entire boat is levitating.

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This, of course, has a consequence when it comes to navigation. Thanks to this particularity, the stability on deck is greater, making the journey more comfortable. To this must be added the complete silence that the electric motor emits. Together, a sense of tranquility is achieved, something that is not possible with a traditional fuel option.

In terms of habitability, we are faced with a proposal that offers enough space for 4 people. In addition, there is a bathroom with a toilet and a fresh water shower. Additionally, it is possible to opt for the provision of a rigid roof. It is, therefore, a boat that perfectly meets the needs.

A not very competitive option, but intended for the luxury segment

Yes, a proposal of these characteristics was not going to be cheap. Still, it should be noted that it offers great performance relative to its competitors. Taking into account that we are facing a purely electric variant, its price is a bit crazy. Always in relation to options that could be substitutes. In this case, to get a unit you have to pay up to 290,000 euros.

Candela C-8, the electric boat that flies over the water and is already a success

The Candela C-8 is a boat that is purely electric. Power Boat

Among the factors that are leading users to bet on this technology is the maintenance cost of the boat. In terms of mechanics, while the engines need to be serviced every 100 hours of use, this electric drive only needs an inspection every 3,000 hours. Here is one of its main keys to amortize the boat in the medium term.

If it is joined the most economical option of electricity supply compared to conventional fuels, we can obtain a more efficient and comfortable performance. In addition, the difference from the current price will be reduced. Are not reasons enough?

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