Being an MVNO, Digi uses the network of Movistar mobile and fiber optic coverage. Its coverage has been limited to the Community of Madrid, since it is now available throughout Spain. At least that is what the operator assures, although some users state otherwise through comments in different forums and social networks. It was in July 2021 when a global agreement was reached, as is often the case in these cases, which allows Digi Mobil to offer its fiber services to all Spanish homes where Movistar has the infrastructure installed.

How to check Digi Mobil coverage

Digi currently has little own infrastructure to provide mobile and fiber coverage and, as we have already mentioned, it uses the Movistar network to provide service. The only way to check if we have coverage with Digi is through the search engine on their website.

Within the Digi website there is no specific section to consult the coverage, but we can see it simulating a hiring and following these steps:

  • Access the Digi Mobil website
  • Select the fiber and mobile section
  • Choose the rate you are interested in
  • Click on the button: I want it

Next, the web will redirect us to a page where we have to enter the address data where we want to contract the fiber with Digi so that the search engine can tell us if it is possible.

Check coverage with Digi

As a result we can obtain these four possibilities:

  • That we do not have coverage
  • That we have coverage through Movistar and we can contract 300 Mbps fiber for 25 euros per month or 1Gbps for 30 euros per month.
  • That we have direct coverage outside the Community of Madrid which gives us the option of contracting 1 Gbps for 20 euros per month.
  • That we have coverage of 10 Gbps, in this case, we can contract 1 Gbps for 20 euros or 10 Gbps for 30 euros.
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If we verify that we have coverage with Digi, it is also possible to add a mobile rate to fiber from 1 GB and 100 minutes to mobiles and landlines in Spain for 3 euros per month to its offer of gigabytes and unlimited calls for 25 euros per month. It must be taken into account that the fiber of Digi does not include landline. If we want to contract this service we will have to pay 1 euro more or 3 additional euros to have unlimited calls and 500 international min.

What if I don’t have coverage?

If after following the steps mentioned above you find that you do not have coverage with Digi, the operator offers us the possibility of fill a form so that we receive an email when the fiber is available in our area.

Digi’s intention is to continue expanding coverage thanks to its agreement with Movistar. If you don’t want to be visiting the web every two to three, this is a good option to find out when the service will be available.