Can Luffy’s Gear Fifth beat Goku from Dragon Ball? This is the answer

Can Luffy’s Gear Fifth beat Goku from Dragon Ball?  This is the answer


As the plot of One Piece progresses, Luffy has been acquiring new habilities that have allowed him to face his most powerful enemies, as we have seen in the recent arc where he has starred in a fierce battle against one of the Yonko, the Captain of the Beasts Pirates, called Kaido, who had kept the Wano country enslaved for a long time. little more than 20 years.

Luffy has been able to defeat him thanks to the awakening of his fruit and the Gear Fifth activation, dealing him a devastating attack. In this way he managed to end the reign of terror that Kaido had established for several decades. But the most surprising of the combat was realizing that both were more similar than we would have imagined.

Definitely this transformation of Luffy has raised his power to surprising limits and unimaginable, so much so that fans have begun to theorize about whether he would be able to beat Goku in close combat.

Gear Fifth Luffy’s New Power-Up

Gear Fifth, Luffy’s new transformation with which he manages to defeat Kaido

After having awakened the power of the devil fruit, Luffy has acquired a new transformation, the Gear Fifthwith which he has gained enormous power, being able to combine it with his other qualities, making him a difficult opponent to fight.

Luffy has shown that thanks to this transformation, together with the awakening of his fruit, he is able to carry his elasticity and flexibility to unthinkable levels, beyond what he had shown in the past. However, he is limited when using this new form, since in order to activate the transformation, he has had to push and push his body to the limit.

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Prolonged use of this transformation will wreak havocsince it makes him lose most of his power more quickly, leaving him at an obvious disadvantage in combat.

Also, with this transformation, Luffy now has a more stylish style. cartoonishsuch as eyes that come out of their sockets, exaggerated reactions of his body that defy the laws of physics, among other aesthetic details that fans may like more or less.

Why is luffy still not at Goku’s level?

Goku demonstrating why Luffy is not able to defeat him

Goku demonstrating why Luffy is not able to defeat him

For decades, Goku’s name has been immortalized, because he is one of the shonen pillarsWell, although it was not the first, it did help enormously to popularize anime beyond Japan.

The arduous training that Goku has had throughout his career has made him a divine level warrior, able to beat any opponent that comes his way, especially in his Ultra Instinct form. Furthermore, this has dominated all the transformations he has gone through, honing his techniques exceptionally, with the ability to keep getting stronger as the fight unfolds, making him a difficult opponent to face.

For this reason, Luffy, who is still in the process of growing up, would not have not the slightest chance in a fight against this extraordinary Saiyayin, who has unparalleled physical resistance, which is why he would obtain a wide advantage over his opponent, Monkey D. Luffy. And this one, with his last transformation, requires the intense and demanding use of the devil fruit, which causes his power and resistance to be seen rapidly depleted.

Therefore, it is possible that Luffy ends up exhausted by this new power before beating Goku. Although we would have to wait for this to get Master your latest transformation.

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