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Calvin Klein Hires ‘Pregnant Man’ for New Campaign

Calvin Klein Hires ‘Pregnant Man’ for New Campaign
  • The campaign was created to promote Mother’s Day.
  • The protagonist of the image is Robert Bete, a transsexual man who still retains his female reproductive system and that is why he managed to get pregnant.
  • In 2015 alone, Calvin Klein’s retail sales exceeded $8 billion.

On the eve of May 10, many companies take advantage of the date to do seasonal marketing. Anniversaries can also be used to raise awareness and increase corporate prestige. Such is the case of calvin klein and its new campaign starring a “pregnant man”. In this way it is also shown in favor of social inclusion.

A company with a presence all over the world

In the first instance, this fashion house founded in 1968 remains one of the most important in the world. From its headquarters in New York, it is in charge of showing the next trends that are going to dominate the market.

After more than half a century, it has managed to reinvent itself to remain within the taste of the public. In 2015 alone, the retail sales of its products distributed in 110 countries exceeded 8 billion dollars.

Based on its own description, it is a global lifestyle brand that embodies bold and forward-thinking ideals. It is also a cultural catalyst throughout the world for adopting ingenious ideas and creating surprising realities.

In favor of diversity and inclusion

As an example of the above, we can observe the new campaign of calvin klein in which one was elected “pregnant man” as protagonist. While the slogan is: “We can reproduce biologically or from the heart… our role is to love and be loved.”

In this case, the person who appears in the promotional image is Robert Bete, a transsexual man who became known for his participation in the Netflix reality show “From Date to Date: Brazil”.

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In the program, she told her story where she mentioned that despite her condition, she still retains her female reproductive system. For the above is that she managed to get pregnant and her case has gone around the world. He is not the first of his kind although there are still very few described in the medical literature.

According to the businessman’s statements, his pregnancy has evolved in a healthy way and is already in the last few months.

Result of the new dissemination campaign

While for the promotional campaign of calvin klein the “pregnant man” He appears with his partner, the Brazilian tattoo artist Erika Fernandes, who is also a transsexual person. Both wear clothing from the brand and the clear message is to be in favor of inclusion.

Calvin Klein Image

Although the image has provoked different opinions, most applaud the riskiness of the idea. They also mention that it is an advance to give minorities a voice in today’s society.

For its part, the central objective of this idea was to promote the Mother’s day which in the United States was celebrated this Sunday, May 8.