How not to remember the words of Steve Ballmer on Linux, and open source in general, which he considered a cancer. Fortunately with Satya nadella things have changed and proof of this is the purchase and management of GitHub. Or the example at hand, the Windows Calculator.

At the end of 2019 Microsoft decided to offer its Calculator on GitHub as open source. This would allow the community to participate in its development and, thanks to GitHub, it has been discovered the next big update to Calculator for Windows 11.

Windows Calculator is moved to WinUI 2.6

The change has been detected by Dominic maas on Twitter and indicates how the code has already been adapted, visible to everyone, to WinUi 2.6. In this code it is also observed how the Calculator now uses the effect Mica present in Windows 11. This means that Microsoft applications are adapting to incorporate the new design of Windows 11.

On the other hand, the Calculator interface is now developed with C #. It is interesting because the availability of the code means that any user can compile the application and test it. Microsoft has been slow to adopt the Open Source model but it is a way to show transparency and trust the community.

We will see if other system applications do not take the same path as the Calculator and we will also see them on GitHub. At the moment, it seems that Microsoft is still working on having updates for its applications for the launch of Windows 11. Mica is an effect that will take on great prominence and that is being integrated into all apps, including Microsoft Edge.

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