Cadillac has presented an interesting concept model in which it expresses its vision about the future of mobility. A mobility that will be 100% electric and autonomous. The new Cadillac InnerSpace Concept bursts onto the scene combining these characteristics with luxury, sportiness, and above all, a lot of technology.

Fully electric mobility and autonomous driving are two of the pillars on which the automotive industry will build for years to come. Manufacturers and giants in the automotive sector are aware of this situation. Cadillac
is one of the numerous car brands that have launched all their machinery with the aim of becoming leaders and / or references in the particular transition process towards electric mobility in which we find ourselves.

Cadillac has embodied its particular vision of the future in an exciting new concept model. The new Cadillac InnerSpace Concept has been presented within the framework of the celebration of CES 2022. A concept car that stands out for its condition as a 100% electric and autonomous vehicle. All seasoned with an attractive exterior design and a futuristic interior.

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept, a fully electric and autonomous vehicle

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept, luxury on wheels

The new InnerSpace expands the portfolio of Cadillac-created flagship concept models. A project that takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies designed to improve the passenger experience along with the greater personal time that the autonomous mobility. The American firm has also worked to create a new luxury experience on board its vehicles.

On the outside, the InnerSpace features eye-catching expansive panoramic glass on the roof and part of the body sides. This allows everything that surrounds the vehicle to be controlled from the inside while the cabin can be flooded with natural light. The roof opens with the doors for easy access and exit from the interior. Also, the seats pivot out when the doors are opened.

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The tires that wrap the rims are signed by Goodyear and have been specially developed for electric vehicles. They have SoundComfort technology Through the Goodyear SightLine technology, allows information on pressure, temperature, load and other performance factors to be transmitted.

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept - interior
The futuristic and technological interior of the new Cadillac InnerSpace Concept

The interior of the new Cadillac InnerSpace Concept

In the new InnerSpace can travel up to two adult passengers enjoying the possibilities offered by autonomous driving technology. By dispensing with the figure of the driver, Cadillac designers have been able to focus on creating an atmosphere in which occupants can have more personal and personalized experiences. A large panoramic SMD LED screen allows you to benefit from augmented reality.

Regarding the mechanical section, Cadillac has not gone into details. It has been confirmed that it is an electric vehicle and that it makes use of the General Motors Ultium platform. However, the battery capacity, maximum power and, more importantly, autonomy have not been specified.