BYD stops making gasoline or diesel cars

BYD stops making gasoline or diesel cars

BYD, has announced that it stops manufacturing combustion cars, which as a headline is great news, driven by the increasing demand for electric vehicles. But not everything is as it seems, since he will also continue to sell plug-in hybrids, which not only pollute, but according to some studies and experts, have worked within the industry. like a patchand more than benefiting, it delays the much-needed real adoption of electric mobility.

What’s more, BYD It is the first manufacturer to completely stop the production of 100% gasoline or diesel cars. A logical movement considering that, within the company, the sale of this type of vehicle within the company has been in decline since 2013. But also, in 2020, the sale of electric and plug-in hybrids skyrockets.

During the first quarter of 2022, BYD has managed to increase its sales by 170%. Only 1.6% of the units sold are 100% combustion vehicles.

The brand’s last non-electrified car was built in March. “In the future, BYD will focus solely on the plug-in hybrid or 100% electric car sector,” says a Press release posted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

BYD looks at the emissions targets set by China for 203

The decision carries strategic weight as BYD is currently China’s largest electric car maker. It is also aligned with the maximum emissions targets set by the country for 2030, the last year in which CO2 levels can increase. Thereafter, they have to be reduced every year.

BYD, Volvo, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover have signed a joint agreement pledging to completely end combustion engine manufacturing and eliminate it from sales within China by 2040.

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The company recently unveiled a new prototype of one of its new vehicles, the BYD Sealwith a new design, new platform and new technology with which they intend to compete against the Tesla Model 3which is monopolizing a good level of sales within the country.

BYD It not only manufactures cars, it is also responsible for the production of buses, trucks, electric bicycles and forklifts. They are also investing in research and development of new batteries. In particular his own structural pack model called Blade that equip in the BYD Han EV.