Despite the fact that global vaccination intensifies with 2,120 million people immunized with at least one dose, the tourism sector and especially business trips continue to be paralyzed and 80% recovery expected (compared to precovid-19 levels) through 2024, according to the Collinson Group.

“There is no doubt that there is a degree of transformation in the way we do business, business travel comes on a recovery curve but is not as fast as leisure travel recovery. The recovery of business trips will arrive until 2024 and we estimate that it will be 80% at 2019 levels ″, said Mauricio Molina, Vice President of Collinson Group for America in an interview with Forbes Mexico.

During 2020, total global business travel expenses contracted by 52%While spending on managed corporate travel in the United States plummeted 71% or the equivalent of $ 94 billion, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Likewise, the manager acknowledged that vaccination against Covid-19 and the adoption of digital passports is driving the 85% of travelers consider returning to a travel volume close to 60% than they had in 2019.

“In general, the people surveyed were very receptive to vaccination and the establishment of digital passports and as these two elements form a standard for travelers, more will be promoted; 78% of the people surveyed believe that vaccination gives them greater confidence and 74% believe that the passport also“Added Molina.

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However, he recognized that currently traveling internationally involves certain complications such as the quarantines established in some countries or the vaccination certificates.

“Nowadays it is difficult to travel not only because of the exit and entry requirements to the destination, especially internationally, but also because of the quarantine measures that exist in many destinations and sometimes require up to two weeks. All this is a barrier for the traveler, not to mention business and tourist and if you add the need to test and have an approved certificate it is a degree of complication, so it is necessary to reduce friction to comply with the requirements ”.

Faced with the new reality and requirements to travel, Collinson is investing in getting its Priority Pass members tested for Covid-19 through a network of laboratories and later extend them to other Latin American countries.

“We plan to land the solution of Covid testing in Mexico for August and we want the benefit to be extended to members of Priority Pass. We will have a network of laboratories in different countries of the region so that they have a preferential rate and we will not only have the tests but the option of sending a laboratory worker to the hotel or home ”, concluded Molina.

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