Home Business Marketing Burger King divides Internet users with its Pride campaign

Burger King divides Internet users with its Pride campaign

Burger King divides Internet users with its Pride campaign

Burger King in Austria sparked a recent controversy due to a campaign for Pride Month. Many loyal consumers were upset by the visual proposal that sought to encourage respect for sexual orientation.

The chain continues to be one of the leaders in the market not only for hamburgers, but also for fast food, with a large presence around the world.

Burger King divides Internet users with Pride campaign

Some days ago, the burger king chain unveiled the new “pride whopper”, which consists of exactly the same ingredients as the chain’s normal burger, but with “two identical buns”.

This implies that any consumer in that country could, if they wanted to, order a hamburger, with no other detail than two upper halves and two lower halves.

“The Equal Buns campaign was made by our Burger King Austria team, in an effort to highlight equal rights and equal love, through a game in the traditional Whopper construction, with two identical buns in the two options of the sandwich”, said a company spokesman. “Burger King Austria is also serving as an official proud partner and sponsor of Vienna Pride 2022,” he added.

Discontent was general in that country, so much so that the news spread to more countries, where it was criticized that a food should not have “political statements” or make “sexual jokes” with food. Due to this reception, it is known that the campaign will last only until June 20.

Despite everything, some Twitter users valued the campaign in a different way, pointing out that, at least, it showed an interest in making the diversity of the community visible.

These are some of the comments that could be read on the social network:

Burger King in the fast food business

Burger King is one of the most important fast food brands in the world, being the main competition of the McDonald’s chain.

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According to figures from Statistahas more than 19,000 restaurants, the vast majority franchised, and is present in more than 70 countries around the world. In North America alone, the chain has around 7 thousand 600 establishments.

However, during the first year of the pandemic, 2020, Burger King global sales they fell from almost 23 billion to 20 billion US dollars.

Secondly, McDonald’s has dominated the market since its incursion, forever changing the way the fast food business is understood. The company generates a net result that is above 4 billion dollars in 2020 and an estimated brand value of approximately 130 billiona fact that maintains it as the world leader in its sector.

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