Bungie sues whoever ordered fake copyright withdrawals

Bungie sues whoever ordered fake copyright withdrawals

Although Bungie has worked on a wide variety of original IP over the past two decades, almost all of the company’s recent efforts have to do with its franchise. Destiny, and they give a lot of importance to their community. So it was quite rare for the developer to start taking down content for copyrights to some of the most prolific members of the community.

Bungie he resolved the problem a couple of days after it became apparent, announcing that he had nothing to do with it, and that it had been a fraud. This has come to light with the announcement that these takedowns originated with Nicholas Minor, the owner of the YouTube channel, Lord Nazo, who is now being sued for his actions against other YouTube content creators. Destiny.

Bungie sues whoever impersonated them and ordered false copyright withdrawals

After what Bungie clarify the wave of withdrawals by copyrightexplaining that his intellectual property protection service, CSC Global, had nothing to do with it, it didn’t take long to identify the real author.

According to the new demand BungieNicholas Minor acted in retaliation for a copyright withdrawal that had been officially imposed on him for uploading some soundtracks of Destiny. After Minor’s uploads were removed, he created a series of fake email accounts that were reasonably similar to those of CSC Global’s own representatives and began sending DMCAs to other YouTubers, such as Aztecross and MyNameIsByf.

This is a continuation of the recent filing of lawsuits by Bungie against YouTube accounts that the company suspected were behind the copyright takedown wave. However, Minor has now been identified as the perpetrator, which Bungie described as doing “almost incalculable damage” to his image with the otherwise open and approachable community.

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To do this, the company is going to legally pursue Minor, specifically, seeking $7.6 million in damages for the 96 DMCA takedowns he had issued on behalf of Bungie.