brutal fan animation brings Lost Children arc to life

brutal fan animation brings Lost Children arc to life

the popular manga Berserk has already had some anime adaptations on its way, and it is that the story of Gutz and the Band of the Falcon, have reached the big and small screen with mixed results, not counting some artists and fans who have tried to bring the dark to life. epic of Kentaro Miura.

But now, a new video has arrived from an animator fan who gives us one of the arcs of Berserk that never made it to the small screen in the arc of The missing childwith unforgettable results.

Since the world unfortunately lost a great artist when Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk, passed away, so now the fans who are waiting to see how the story of the Band of the Falcon will end, while Miura’s assistants in Studio Gaga and together with the manga writer Koji Mouri they have promised to continue the story to give it a proper conclusion.

For this reason, several new chapters have landed under the gaze of Gaga and Mouri, continuing the battle between Gutz Y Griffith, with White Hawk infiltrating Elfheim and capturing Casca for unknown reasons. The series is inching towards its grand finale as fans continue to speculate how Miura’s series will come to an end after decades of storytelling and big moments.

This video was created by Mark Reymerwho shared the video where he tries to adapt the battle of the “Lost Boys Arc” from Berserk, with the Black Knight trying to take down an apostle who took on the appearance of a little boy in Rosine and had some terrifying powers, but the results are simply amazing and we think they could serve as inspiration for future episodes of the beloved anime series.

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