Bruce Banner and the future of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe

Bruce Banner and the future of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe

The first images of she hulkdiscovered in the trailer for the series, brought back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a character that has been with him since the beginning: Bruce Banner and his alter ego Hulk. The relationship between the two is given because Jennifer Walters, the protagonist of this story, is the superhero’s cousin.

That family relationship is what makes it easy for, within the comics, Bruce Banner to help her. It is produced through a blood transfusion, after she suffered an accident. That contact with the Hulk’s blood gives Jennifer Walters her genetic characteristics to later transform into She-Hulk. Meanwhile, she also practices as a lawyer.

This professional path could bring her closer to meeting Daredevil, something justified within the comics. However, it is the relationship with the Hulk that can provide information about the management that will be done in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with these characters that have been presenting themselves since the first movies And they are still part of history.

The ‘classic’ characters, She-Hulk
and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

During the Infinity Saga, with events like Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers: Endgame, a handful of references were consolidated that were progressively entering and leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main ones were Hombre de Hierro Y Captain Americawho are no longer in the narrative (at least not in its best-known variant) and Thor, who will have a new movie this year.

There is a second line of characters made up of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk who have been losing weight in the narrative. The first two have closed their cycles while Bruce Banner will return for some stretch of she hulk to position himself as a sort of mentor to Jennifer Walters, while she undergoes a series of abrupt changes. The scientist seems to be focused on her experiments and self-control rather than other conflicts. It could be interpreted as a sort of withdrawal.

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This opens up the possibility that many of the second-tier characters that were introduced through the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have similar mentoring or sponsorship roles to the new generation of heroes being introduced. The background of Black Widow and Hawkeye validate this way of understanding them. In his case, the film of the former served to introduce Yelena Belova while the second series introduced Kate Bishop.

Makes sense?

hulk might backing out in the series of she-hulk

It is not an easy matter to answer but it is coherent, if you look at it from a narrative perspective. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding across film and television formats, It is convenient that these types of characters remain fresh in the minds of the spectators.

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His appearance in she hulk it is a link between the different phases, beyond a wink for followers. The stories are compacted in this way, integrating characters and events that manifest themselves at different times so that it works as a whole. In this way, too, it is allowed to give some closure to characters who, perhaps, have already given their all according to the criteria with which they are viewed.