British GP – Carlos Sainz gets his first victory in F1 with Ferrari at Silverstone: “We did it”

British GP – Carlos Sainz gets his first victory in F1 with Ferrari at Silverstone: “We did it”

It has taken him 150 attempts and 12 years of waiting after making his debut in categories lower than Formula 1, but finally Carlos Sainz has climbed to the top of the podium after suffering tremendously at Silverstone.

7 years, 3 months and 14 days They have passed since Carlos Sainz made his debut in Formula 1 at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix at the hands of Toro Rosso, and, finally, the #55 has managed to take his first victory in the premier category of motorsport.

The rider from Madrid thus becomes the nº 112 of the history of the ‘Great Circus’ to climb to the top of the podium since F1 officially started back in 1950, precisely after a British Grand Prix that has had everything.

sweaty victory

“I don’t know what to say…”, Sainz hesitated in the protocol interview as soon as he got out of an F1-75 that has cost him to tame. In the first start (because there was a second), Max Verstappen noticed him after going out on soft tires by means of his Ferrari, but everything was about to change… for the first time.

A red flag for a series of accidents, the most serious being the one that ended with Zhou between the fence and the pile of tires in the first corner, meant that the positions returned to those on the grid because not all the cars had gone through the necessary point to consolidate, so everything started again.

An hour after the time initially scheduled for the race, Sainz came out on equal tires with Verstappen… and ferociously managed to withstand the #33’s attacks. Nevertheless, a mistake of yours in a few curves later he returned the first place to the Red Bull.

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However, a slow puncture in Verstappen’s RB18 put him back on top… and the fight turned to his team-mate. «It’s incredible, first victory 150 races later, with Ferrari, at Silverstone… you can’t ask for more. It is a very special day and weekend that I will never forget.Sainz said. “Thanks to all the fans for the support. Lewis has been there, but we have managed to keep him at bay and I am extremely happy.

Team game

With the car touched, Charles Leclerc managed to show Ferrari that he had more pace than Sainz, so they exchanged positions on the track. «It has not been easybecause I have had problems with the balance of the car, especially in the first stint, with the medium tire. Max has pushed me in those high-speed corners, I have opened what I could and I believed that he could do it, keep me in the race », continued Sainz.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back was a Safety Car because Esteban Ocon was stranded in the middle of the circuit, stopping everything completely… once again. “Then the safety car came out, which gave me that second chance, and we have done it. You can imagine the nerves on that exit after the Safety Cardoing it and getting that victory,” he added.

Holding off a tough Hamilton who had threatened them from a distance, and a reinvigorated Pérez, Sainz claimed his first F1 victory. «Silverstone has been a special place for me: first victory in other categories, and 12 years later I get a victory and with Ferrari. Thank you to all the fans for being a part of it and cheering me on,” he concluded.