Britany Angelus is Tsunade in excellent Naruto cosplay

Britany Angelus is Tsunade in excellent Naruto cosplay

There’s no doubt Tsunade She is one of the most popular female characters in Naruto, as she is one of the most powerful kunoichi we know in her history and is also among the most beautiful. Thanks to the Chilean cosplayer brittany angelus now we can imagine what Tsunade would be like in real life, as she presented an excellent Naruto Shippuden cosplay that no fan should miss.

Actually Britany Angelus is a relatively new cosplayer, as she has only been active for about half a year on her social networks. However, since the beginning she has shown off high-quality cosplays, which has earned her a lot of popularity among anime and manga fans. Among her best cosplays is undoubtedly that of Tsunade from Naruto Shippuden.

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The first time Britany submitted her real-life Tsunade cosplay was during the second half of February, when she submitted three different photos of Tsunade cosplays with minimal differences. However, over the course of the week we saw Britany Angelus submit more photos in her Tsunade cosplay looking great.

Naruto Shippuden fans know that Tsunade is a fan of drinking and drinks a lot of alcohol, so we are not surprised to see that in one of the photos presented by Britany Angelus we see Tsunade drinking sake. “Tsunade good for pompadour,” the cosplayer said in her post, showing off one of the most authentic Tsunade cosplays we’ve ever seen.

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Naruto Shippuden fans will agree that Britany Angelus’s Tsunade cosplay is among the best, as few cosplayers achieve this similarity to the character, both in looks and attitude. Meanwhile, if you like Britany’s Tsunade cosplay, I invite you to follow her on her social networks, as she has become more than a dozen characters in recent months.