If you want a modern instrument, you should give our list of recommendations a try.

There are many instruments that you can try and thus know first-hand if you are a artist potential, although not all are so versatile and technological how can be the new batches of digital pianos, like the ones we bring you in the following paragraphs. Prepare a few tabs in your browser and start enjoying our product selection, valid for both inexperienced people as for whom dominate musical art.

RockJam digital piano

This first product that we offer you, from the company RockJam, have a considerable size, an aspect that you should take into account when thinking about the acquisition of this type of products, since it measures 125 centimeters in length. The digital piano is made up of 88 keys full-size, semi-weighted and velocity sensitive. It includes ten voices unique, from an electric keyboard to a grand piano to a church organ and features built-in stereo speakers, which offer a sound of 24 watts. Also has headphone jack, entry USB, entrance of sustain pedal quarter-inch input damper pedal quarter-inch input 7-pin sustain pedal and microphone jack of a quarter inch.

Yamaha EZ-220 digital piano

If this stands out for something digital piano of the company Yamaha is for the amount of functions that it makes available to the user, which will allow them to find their own rhythm in front of the keyboard. We are facing a product whose 61 notes light up and, in addition, they are pulsation sensitive, which will allow you to learn much faster. Thanks to the Yamaha Education Suite you can learn at your own pace, with songs with one or two hands and step-by-step lessons. The 392 voices that it incorporates are compatible with XG-Lite and allow to imitate up to 100 instruments different.

Donner digital piano

This product, from the company Donner, brings us a 88-key full piano, semi-weighted, with four-level force adjustment to be able to change with the force of the fingers. This way you can give a more sensitive touch and adapt to different styles of interpretation. The keyboard has 8 shades professionally designed, from the classic acoustic piano, the electric piano or a vibrating harp. Has stereo output high quality, with speakers from 25 watts and it is equipped with an audio interface, which can be connected to higher powered speakers. You can use your own headphones, Besides of pedal included in the sales pack.

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Alesis Recital Pro digital piano

We continue with an article from the company Alesis, its main characteristic being the integration of the 88 keys with hammer action and adjustable touch response to suit your style. It includes 12 voices, some curious effects such as chorus, modulation, or reverb, while the speakers incorporated stand out for their powerful sound. This digital piano has pedal input 6’35 millimeters, headphone jack and RCA output stereo for connecting to speakers or amplifiers. The box includes the power adapter, also being able to use with 6 batteries, and 60 virtual lessons from Melodics completely free.

Roland FP-30X digital piano

We end with a product which is located in the pinnacle of digital pianos for the home and that is equipped with the technology SuperNATURAL Piano from Roland and what has 88 keys. One of the great features that incorporates this product is the connectivity Bluetooth, which will allow you to follow lessons and continue playing the piano. The hammer action and the Ivory feel They are designed for you to enjoy the touch under fingers, with that subtle click you notice when you press a key. Their powerful stereo speakers The integrated ones surprise by their volume and complement the sound generator. You can use the app Piano Every Day from Roland to automatically record and replay your daily practice.

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