The Formula 1 sports director is confident that the two main players will lower their respective levels of euphoria as they continue to leave big battles on the track, praying that neither of them is forced to penalize.

The main attraction of the British Grand Prix weekend did not last even a lap. “An exciting battle was stolen from us”Ross Brawn said after witnessing the last of the Max Verstappen-Lewis Hamilton clashes ended in the worst way for Red Bull and his pupil, as they were forced to leave.

It spectacular The accident made the different members of the energy drink team think the worst, but fortunately Verstappen was able to abandon his RB16B with the help of the stewards due to the bruises suffered when he went directly against the pile of tires and hit 51G.

The tension between the two will increase as the end of the season approaches.

The costs of material damages are not far behind either: € 750,000 according to Helmut Marko and the statement that Verstappen offered on its website, and that without counting a power unit that Honda hopes to save after verifying in situ that the damages were less than initially planned with a first visual inspection. If a new engine had to be fitted, the # 33 would use the third and last allowed by the regulations … before penalizing.

“Nobody wants the championship to be decided by accidents and penalties,” confessed Brawn grimly after missing a “fabulous weekend” after “a dramatic start and finish. We watched the title contenders go wheel to wheel one more time, but this time it ended in a collision that ended Max’s career. It was a tremendous relief to see him get out of the car before he was taken to the hospital for preventive checks, “he added.

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Beyond considering one or the other more guilty, Brawn trusts that both will continue to grant us good battles. “As is always the case in these matters, there will be a wide range of opinions about the right and wrong. What is clear is that an exciting battle was stolen from us, nobody wants the championship to be decided by accidents and penalties, and in this case there is a serious risk for both pilots. It’s something that the two of you will reflect on, I hope we can avoid these incidents in the future. They faced each other hard for half a lap, it was exciting. Imagine how dramatic the race would have been if it had continued like this, “he closed.