Bodega Aurrerá gives away tickets for the International FMS

Bodega Aurrerá gives away tickets for the International FMS

Social networks have become the center of conversation for thousands of Internet users, thanks to the virality and scope that can be generated, such is the case of the recent proposal of Bodega Aurrerá, where they seek to give away a double pass to the International FMS to whoever is the biggest fan of rhymes and low prices; However, the theme, although apparently simple, has scheduled various comic moments in comments, since the community has not missed the opportunity to take advantage of the digital conversation.

Dynamics in networks

Derived from the current health crisis, social networks and digital platforms have positioned themselves as the great communication trend of the new normality, data provided by We Are Social and Hootsuitewithin its Digital 2022 report, in which it is estimated that The number of Internet users rose by at least four percent worldwide, which means that there is currently a base of Internet users of more than 4.95 billion. a figure that represents 62.5 percent of the world population, which is why they have become a great window of expression for consumers and the opportunity to generate various advertising strategies, which can become viral in a short time.

The growing number of daily active Internet users, makes the digital conversation a fundamental part of the promotion of marketing and advertising strategies, For this reason, it is common for brands or content creators to generate all kinds of dynamics, designed to achieve a better positioning within the users’ preference.

Bodega Aurrerá gives away tickets for the International FMS and users get their best rhymes

The FMS International Mexico 2022will be the second round of what was disputed in the city of Valencia, which is now will take place at the Pepsi Center WTC is the venue will begin to teach rhymes at 00:00 (Spanish time), That is why Bodega Aurrerá has sought to be part of the event, looking for a lucky person who can attend the event with a double pass, so the community has brought out its best skills and the book of rhymes, to be part of one of the events that more strength has taken in recent years.

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