Blue water arrives in Monterrey and Power Ade takes the mention in networks

Blue water arrives in Monterrey and Power Ade takes the mention in networks

The crisis of Water that lives in everything New Lion has given guidelines to various incidents, such as the quality of the liquid that is being received at the moment, which has been documented on social networks.

The user “jibaek15” was responsible for joking about the appearance of the vital liquid that they are distributing to houses of Monterey and how its blue coloration similar to Power Ade drinks gives an idea of ​​the challenge in dispensing the liquid.

With this measure there remains a very important element to consider and that is the challenge that consumers have in the market, faced with the shortage of a basic necessity element not only for consumption, but also for the production of products and maintenance of services.

Blue water in Monterey

The blue water that has begun to be distributed in the state of New Lion shows the shortage situation that the entity faces and the challenge of being able to supply the consumer with the vital liquid.

The comparison that seems like a joke, to ensure that it is a hydrating drink that is supplied to houses in the state, reminds us how relevant brands have become to the consumer and most importantly, increasingly bold social responsibility practices are established in the market.

Activism to solve the water supply

Various brands are joining the activism for water care. Stella Artois, for example, designed a unique strategy. In 2017 he had the idea of ​​taking timing to another level, with one of the most inventive marketing strategies that a brand can use, for example, to take advantage of a media event such as the award ceremony. Oscar of that year.

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The beer brand had the idea of ​​collaborating with Marchesa in the design of a dress made with pieces of recycled glass and which was called “Buy a lady to drink”, as a way to raise awareness about how scarce water is in these moments.

The garment that was carried out in collaboration with Marchesa was a winning strategy for the image of both companies, because in a creative way, the alcohol brand resorted to a dress to achieve international recognition, when it was exhibited by the actress Olivia Culpo during the Oscar awards that are celebrated this Sunday.

Water shortage, a reality

In recent days we revealed how the threat of drought due to the shortage of water in the Nuevo León dams imposed an enormous challenge on the local market and revived panic buying of bottled water, in stores like Costco.

The fact was denounced on social networks, where the impact that the shortage of liquid has had on dams that supply the state was realized, escalating the problem of supply in the activity of people and with the enormous uncertainty of what will happen in the entity. , above all due to the extreme heat dates that have been experienced.

Through a video released by Eugenio Montemayor, the user warns about how consumers were destroying the largest possible number of bottled water.

The video, which at the time added more than 600,000 views on TikTok, demonstrated the reaction that the consumer has to impact situations such as water shortages, reviving the panic purchases that have been experienced in retail due to phenomena such as contingency health, a fact that to this day continues to impact and establish challenges in consumption that we cannot ignore, due to the potential that exists in being able to act as a market in these situations.

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