Blue shampoo is the perfect solution for blonde hair. This product will become your ally if you have dyed, bleached, highlighted or gray hair.

Last update: 23 August, 2021

When we talk about beauty, the market surprises us with many products. One of them is blue shampoo, which belongs to the family of purple and violet shampoos, for gray or white hair. It is a toning cosmetic for blonde, bleached or gray hair.

It cannot be denied that this product has been indispensable in the world of hairdressing for a long time. Although many women have no idea of ​​its existence and many others do not know how to make the most of it. If you love flawless hair, keep reading this article.

What is the blue shampoo for?

The sun, the salty water of the beach or the sea, the chlorine of the swimming pool, the wrong dye or bad habits in beauty routines all damage blondes. Fortunately, we have the blue shampoo, whose pigment allows to neutralize the orange nuances of the hair.

It is worth clarifying that its greatest action is on bleached hair. In this sense, unwanted orange tones will turn into gray or platinum highlights.

As for people who are only dyed, they will only see a partial change. For example, in the case of reddish ones, the color will turn brown. But if the traces of age are the root of the concern, the indicated thing is to acquire a special blue shampoo for gray hair.

You wonder how a shampoo is able to do all this. The answer lies in its composition, since it is made from hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) with a semi-permanent dye; that’s where its intense color comes from.

The effect of blue shampoo on gray hair is one of the most sought after when purchasing the product.

How do you use the blue shampoo?

The use of this type of shampoo, also called silver, too easy. It is not necessary to go to an expert, as it happens with other cosmetic articles. Take note and follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hair with ordinary shampoo and rinse well.
  2. Apply a generous amount of blue shampoo in the second wash. Make sure to spread it all over the place and massage your scalp gently. Don’t rub it!
  3. Read the package label for the manufacturer’s recommended waiting time. Depending on the brand, this may vary. In general, 20 minutes is enough for the effect to be stronger. What you should be clear about is a basic rule: don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you will end up with a bluish or purple hue.
  4. Remove with enough water to remove any residue.
  5. Moisturize hair with a conditioner or hair mask that you can make at home with natural ingredients. The goal is to provide nutrition, because shampoo tends to leave a little rough or dry. Try mixing an egg and two tablespoons of honey; or a yellow banana with an avocado and a drizzle of coconut oil; p half a cup of aloe vera and four teaspoons of olive oil; or three parts of coconut oil and two of honey.
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Returning to the mode of use, another suggested way is to apply the blue shampoo on dirty hair to proceed to wash with the normal shampoo. In this way, the action will be much more effective and lasting.

How often is it advisable to use it?

The truth is this product requires multiple applications to do its job properly. With just one time you will not notice the difference. Be patient! Insist and you will see the wonders after some time.

Similarly, it is advisable to use this kind of shampoo occasionally, every 10 days or once a week. If you exceed this periodicity you will cause dryness, loss of vitality and unwanted colors.

For this, it is very important to read the indications of your shampoo, as well as listening to the guidance of your trusted stylist or the seller of the cosmetic store. This way you will know with certainty the application time.

Other tips for using blue shampoo

It is not enough to have the best brand shampoo and follow all the steps that we already told you about. It is essential that you take these tips into account so that the final finish is perfect:

  • Buy a mild, sulfate-free shampoo. It is the best alternative because it does not contain ammonia and it does not dry out the hair as much.
  • Do not use it if you have very dehydrated hair. The reason is that the level of porosity is high and this can alter the result. Regenerate it first, and then include it in your routine. To achieve this, various studies point out that prolonged use of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or butter, shea, have been shown to be effective.
  • If you are one of those who washes daily, keep in mind that the color of the blue shampoo diminishes with the use of conventional shampoo. For this reason, try to wash less.
  • Avoid getting the shampoo in your eyes to avoid irritation and keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Wear gloves to get rid of dyeing your hands and nails of blue. If you don’t have them, remember to wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.
  • Soap your back and the rest of the body well. Help yourself with a bath sponge, in order to remove remains.
  • After getting out of the shower, clean the bathroom floor with a broom and a little soap. You don’t want pigment residue to stain your tiles.
It is essential to maintain the hydration of the hair during the time of use of the blue shampoo.

Purple shampoo and toning conditioners: other options

Shampoo with purple or violet pigmentation is ideal for tinting golden tones. When we treat very light blonde or bleached hair, it will always leave small pink or lilac reflections.

There is no doubt that toning shampoos are allies that cannot be missing from your hairdressing equipment. In addition to this, you have the pigmented masks and conditioners, anti-yellow or anti-orange, great for enhancing the effect and durability of the color.

Use them in the same wash or, better yet, on different occasions. You will see how they will give you shine and color, making the applications of the blue shampoo more distant from each other.

After reading this note, visit your favorite cosmetic store and you will know which shampoo is best for you, according to your condition. You are ready to enhance the beauty of your hair and brag about it.

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