Blue Box Demands An End To Abandoned Toxicity

Blue Box Demands An End To Abandoned Toxicity

It seems that no one remembers Abandoned, the mysterious project in charge of Blue Box Game Studios that, throughout this year, there was speculation that it might actually be a front for the new game of Hideo Kojima. It seems that it will not be like that, and due to all the toxicity of the community, its authors have had to come out to apologize and ask for a stop to the offensive comments.

Hasan Kahraman, CEO of Blue Box Game Studios, published a series of tweets on his personal account, where he demanded that fans put aside the toxic behavior and better focus on other aspects of their lives.

“People really need to calm down… the toxicity is really creating a lot of pressure and stress. I understand that they are angry, but we are working hard to bring you something that you can enjoy. And that takes time. Sorry, but it has to be said.

PS5 users feel ripped off because they received a 5 second teaser, for which I deeply apologize on my behalf and on behalf of BLUE BOX, I can really understand. But there are many people who complain but do not have a PS5.

If you feel ripped off or whatever, I deeply apologize for that. That is not my intention nor did I want any of this to happen. What I ask of all of you is to relax, calm down and wait. It’s coming, I promise, but wait. Enjoy life, play great titles, watch a movie, spend time with your loved ones, get some exercise. “

We don’t know exactly what’s going on with Abandoned, except that its playable prologue will be available in early 2022, which will serve as a kind of “demo”.

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Editor’s note: The Abandoned case is quite unfortunate, but they themselves are to blame. They knew exactly what they were doing with their teasers, and the hype ended up exploding in their faces to the point that they no longer knew how to handle it. At this point, it is highly unlikely that Kojima is involved with the project.

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Blue Box Demands An End To Abandoned Toxicity

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