While we wait for the eventual release of Diablo IV, fans of the franchise can now enjoy Diablo II: Resurrected, a remaster of the original game that is already available for current consoles. Contrary to what many might believe, a remaster of this level actually involves almost the same effort as a new game, or so it says Blizzard.

Talking with 3D Games, Dustin King, the game’s deputy art director, admitted that to Blizzard the remastering work is almost as frustrating as if they were making a new game.

“With the remasters, however, you have additional pressure from a community that already exists. People already expect something from your game. It is difficult to decide which of the 2 projects is more complicated to do, but I would say that they are equally complicated ”.

Similarly, Robert Gallerani, Design Director, made comments very similar to King’s:

“They are just as complicated, but in very different ways. Diablo 2 is a great example, because we have to go a long way to please people.

The community knows what they want, because they have already played it for 20 years, so not only do we have to meet expectations, but we have to overcome them “

Now let’s see how they are doing with the launch of Diablo 4. Will we finally know more about him in 2022? Let’s hope so.


Via: 3DGames

Blizzard Discusses Diablo 2 Complications

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